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What They're Saying: The San Francisco 49ers


Each week will be taking a look at what Los Angeles' opponents have to say about facing the Rams. Heading into Week 3 of the regular season, check out what the San Francisco 49ers' coaches and players had to say about their Thursday night matchup against the Los Angeles Rams at Levi's Stadium.

On challenges that Todd Gurley's running style presents the 49ers:

"He's shifty, he's got speed. He does a good job of bouncing and getting to the sidelines and they do a really good job of stressing their corners, so for us we just have to corral him and make sure we do a good job of holding the edges. We have to keep him inside the box."

"They have their running style, they run pretty much the same offensive run game that we do, so if there was anything unique [last week] it looked all the same to me in their approach"

     -       49ers' DC Robert Saleh

On the Rams' defense and them having Aaron Donald back: 

"Yeah, we saw him back last week and obviously he's one of the best three-techniques there is in the league. You could see him making some plays in there and I think overall just an athletic team who is playing a good scheme. Wade Phillips always has a really well-coached scheme and lets those guys fly around and make plays. I think you can see that on film and in that first game, they got real quick and got some turnovers and things like that. So they are definitely a talented, physical, and speedy defense."

     -       49ers' QB Brian Hoyer

"It's a very talented front seven that we're going against and defense as a whole, so another big challenge for us."

     -       *49ers' OT Joe Staley *

On how he would describe McVay's approach in game planning when the two were together in Washington:

"I just always knew whatever I gave Sean, he was going to do it thorough and not take any shortcuts. He was always in charge of our tight ends, but I gave him a big responsibility in the red zone and Sean would work, he doesn't cut corners and those are the type of guys that I trust. If you've got guys that you know are going to work just as hard as you, they're not going to cut any corners and they're trying to find the best thing to help the team, then those are guys you feel confident giving responsibilities too. Sean, even at a young age he showed me that work ethic, he was smart enough obviously to do it, he was very motivated to do it and he made my job easier for that because I could trust him to get the job done."

     -       49ers' HC Kyle Shanahan

On what he believes Jared Goff has done better this year than the last and on the Rams' offense as a whole:

"I know the people who have been here and played Jared in the past think he's an improved quarterback and he's got a great scheme attached to him. So you can see the improvement through the people that were here a year ago…I think their offense is one of the hardest to game plan for. What they do offensively, they put so much stress on you from a coverage standpoint and a run game standpoint. So you have to be very disciplined and detailed in your approach, because if you're asleep for a second, they can get you on a big one."

     -        *49ers' DC Robert Saleh

On what he thinks of what McVay has done with the Rams offense compared to last year:

"Sean – he's done a good job. They're playing real well. It looks very similar to what we do schematically. It looks very similar to how it was in Washington when we were there and how it was with (Redskins Head Coach) Jay (Gruden). So, got a lot of familiarity with what he's doing. I know a lot of coaches on that staff and I know he feels the same way about us. We kind of come from the same background. Our schemes have, I really feel like we have started in very similar spots. He might have a little bit more Gruden in him and I might have a little bit more older Denver Broncos and things in me when it comes to the run game and everything, but when you turn on the tape, it's very similar. Sean's doing a good job and I knew he would. They've got some good coaches there and it's – I know they're going to get better each week."

     -       49ers' HC Kyle Shanahan

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