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Ep. 18: Nate Burleson on the continual support of Damar Hamlin & Bobby Wagner's return to Seattle

On this episode of Ricky's Ram Jam, former wide receiver and current NFL / CBS analyst Nate Burleson joins Ricky Hollywood as the league continues to monitor the health of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin. Burleson touches on the ongoing support of Damar Hamlin by the NFL community, what steps players may need to take in order to move forward and what this means for the Los Angeles Rams heading into Seattle for Week 18.

About Erica Tamposi

About Erica Tamposi

Erica Tamposi spent 6 years at NFL Media where she worked alongside the Around the NFL podcast and hosted Split Ends in partnership with iHeart Media. In the off-season of 2022, she joined the Rams full time as Talent. She's a comedy lover, football fan, wine connoisseur and she can't eat gluten (not by choice)!

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