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Rams House Premiere Frequently Asked Questions


What is being done to keep fans safe during this event?

  • The Rams and SoFi Stadium are working closely with the Department of Public Health to ensure all COVID-19 safety guidelines and recommendations are being met. More specific details can be found below.

Will I be required to answer health screening questions prior to my visit?

  • All guests will be required to answer a verbal health questionnaire prior to security screening.

Will my temperature be taken prior to entry?

  • Fans will not be asked to go through a temperature screening.

Will I be required to wear a mask?

  • Face coverings are required for all guests and staff. Coverings must be worn at all times, including walking to and/from vehicles, during security screening, and while in your seat. Please see CA State Guidelines on Masks for rules, regulations and recommendations.

What if I forget my mask at home or it breaks while I'm at the stadium?

  • If you are in need of a mask please immediately contact the nearest staff member for further assistance while continuing to maintain at least six feet of physical distance from other guests.

Is physical distancing being enforced? How?

  • Guests are asked to maintain six feet of distance from others not in their party, including in parking lots, entry, concourses and at your seats. Please avoid sitting next to, or directly behind or in front of, other guests. Staff will be monitoring physical distancing throughout the event.

Will sanitizing stations be available?

  • Sanitizing stations will be widely available throughout areas of the stadium, and restrooms will be fully stocked and regularly sanitized. We encourage all fans to wash their hands frequently and use sanitizing stations when they see them.

Who do I speak with if I notice other fans not following protocol?

  • Staff will be there to assist with any questions, comments or concerns. Should you have any feedback, please contact the nearest Rams or SoFi Stadium team member or text HWPK to 69050 with specific issue and location in the building.

What if I begin to feel sick while I'm at the stadium?

  • If you begin to feel sick, please text HWPK to 69050 or alert the nearest team member. We have dedicated isolation rooms on site to evaluate any potential new cases and provide a dedicated route out of the stadium.


How many people can I bring?

  • Members will be given the same number of tickets that they have on their account. For example, if you have two season tickets you will be able to reserve two tickets for the Rams House Premiere.

Does everyone need their own ticket? What about children under two years old?

  • Everyone in attendance will require their own ticket, with the exception of children under two years old. Children over two will require their own ticket.

When do I get to register for this event?

  • Registration details were emailed on Thursday, April 1. When logging into Rams Account Manager Members will notice a countdown clock until their opportunity begins. Registration will conclude at the end of the day on Friday, April 9.

Can I switch to a different reservation time?

  • Unfortunately we cannot accommodate changing of reservation times once you have signed up. If you'd like to inquire about other available openings, please contact your Member Services Representative.

When will I get tickets loaded into my account?

  • Tickets will be loaded into Rams Account Manager 72 hours prior to the event.


How do I get to SoFi Stadium?

  • You will receive a parking pass the day prior to the event that will indicate your parking zone, and you can follow the directions on our website to your assigned zone. You can also use the following addresses based upon your assigned parking zone:
  • Green Zone – 800 Prairie Ave, Inglewood, CA 90301
  • Brown Zone – 3919 Pincay Dr, Inglewood, CA 90305
  • Orange Zone – 3695 Pincay Dr, Inglewood, CA 90305
  • Purple Zone – 3801 W Century Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90305

Can I reserve a space for someone else in my group?

  • No, parking spaces are not pre-assigned unless otherwise posted. SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park guests will be directed to their parking locations by stadium personnel. Reserving spaces is NOT permitted.

Is parking included with my ticket?

  • Yes, parking is included with your ticket. Please download your parking pass and tickets prior to arrival by logging into Rams Account Manager on web or through the Rams App.

How many parking passes can I reserve?

  • Members will receive one parking pass per every four tickets on their account.

Will ADA parking be available?

  • Yes, each lot has ample ADA parking available to guests on a first come-first served basis.

Can I tailgate?

  • Due to state and local COVID-19 guidelines, tailgating is not permitted and lots will be monitored.

Can I take rideshare to/from event (Uber, Lyft, etc.)?

  • Rideshare options will be available for this event. Please utilize 3695 Pincay Dr, Inglewood, CA 90305 for drop-off and pick-up.

Can I get more than one parking pass if members of my group need to arrive separately?

  • Each account will be given one parking pass for four tickets in the account.

Entry and Wayfinding

Will everyone be required to go through security?

  • Yes, full NFL stadium security practices will be enforced for this event, including the NFL Clear Bag Policy, magnetometers, and thorough inspection of all items brought into the stadium.

Will the Clear Bag Policy be enforced?

  • Yes, the NFL Clear Bag Policy will be in effect. Non-compliant bags may be returned to your vehicle before entering the stadium.

What should I do if I bring a bag that isn't compliant with the clear bag policy?

  • Non-compliant bags may be returned to your vehicle before entering the stadium. We will have a bag check areas available, but that may take away from the time you have available in the building, so we highly recommend not bringing a bag to this event.

Will I have to go through a specific entry? Or will there be a recommended entry?

  • Guests are required to utilize the entry listed on their mobile ticket to avoid crowding and help maintain physical distancing measures.

Will all elevators, escalators, and stairwells be available for use?

  • Escalators and stairs will be available to get to your seat location. Due to COVID-19 protocols, elevator capacity is limited and will be prioritized for guests with ADA needs. We ask that guests continue to maintain physical distance when utilizing escalators and stairs by leaving 3 stairs between each party.

How do I know how to get to my seat?

  • The stadium has ample signage to direct you to your seat locations. We'll also have staff along the way to help point you in the right direction, so please ask the nearest Rams or SoFi Stadium team member if you have any questions.

I have seats in different zones. Am I able to visit all of my seat locations?

  • Yes. Please find the nearest Rams staff to help guide you between zones.

Will I be able to visit my Club/Lounge space?

  • Yes! All those with club or premium lounge access included in their tickets will be able to check out that space. Due to COVID-19 restrictions in place by LACDPH, it is possible that we may have to limit club access to certain areas within the club in order to maintain physical distancing protocols.

Will staff be on site if I can't find my seat, have a question, or need help?

  • Staff will be there to assist with any questions, comments or concerns. Should you need anything, please contact the nearest Rams or SoFi Stadium team member.

Event Details

Will the entire stadium be open for me to explore? Will other areas of Hollywood Park, like Lake Park, be open for me to enjoy?

  • Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 protocols enforced by LACDPH, we are not able to allow guests to access areas of the building other than those surrounding their seats. Paths of travel to and from your seats have been carefully planned to allow for maximum physical distancing between guests and to discourage congregation on the concourses.

How long do I have inside the stadium?

  • Time slots have been planned for an hour and a half in between each group, though we anticipate guests taking about forty-five minutes to an hour to enter, get to their seats, enjoy a mini "show" on the video board, and exit the building.

Will I be able to meet up with friends who have seats in other areas that are going at the same time?

  • Guests are asked to stay within their seating area and, unfortunately, are not permitted to meet with friends in other areas. Due to COVID-19 protocols, we ask that all guests do their best to only interact with members of their group and maintain 6 feet of distance in all other areas.

If I have seats in multiple areas will I be able to see them? How will I get from one of my seat locations to another?

  • Please reach out to your member services representative if you have any questions about how to get to multiple seats in different locations.

I will require ADA assistance. Who do I contact?

  • On the day of the event, guests can text HWPK to 69050 with specific guest information and details. Our Guest Experience Team will respond in a timely manner.

Will I be allowed to take photos or videos?

  • Please do! Make sure to tag the Rams and use #RamsHousePremiere.

Will there be any player, coach, cheerleader, or mascot appearances?

  • We are excited to have Rams personalities like Rampage, DJ Malski and Sarina Morales on site for this event! Please note, due to COVID protocols and physical distancing, you will not be allowed to high-five, take photos with, or be close to our Rams personalities while on site.

Are there any prohibited items I need to know about?

  • For the comfort and safety of all guests, the following list of hazardous or potentially disruptive items are prohibited inside SoFi Stadium, the performance venue and their adjoining plazas:

-Air horns, amplified music, bullhorns, loudspeakers, or other artificial noisemakers (except as approved by SoFi Stadium and the Hollywood Park management)

  • Animals (except ADA service animals)
  • Backpacks or bags larger than 12 inches x 6 inches x 12 inches or that do not comply with the Clear Bag Policy
  • Balloons
  • Balls of any type
  • Banners or signs larger than 3 feet x 5 feet. Please adhere to the following guidelines pertaining to banners and signs:

-Signs must be event-related and in good taste as determined by SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park management

-Signs cannot be commercial, political or obscene in nature

-Signs may not be affixed or hung anywhere within SoFi Stadium, American Airlines Plaza and/or the performance venue

-Signs may not be displayed in a manner that either obstructs the views of other fans or stadium scoreboards/advertising signage

-Signs must be made of a paper or lightweight cloth-like material

-Signs cannot utilize wood, metal, PVC (hard plastic) or similar types of materials for support or carrying poles

-Signage cannot be battery operated or contain lights

-Signage not permitted within the stadium will be disposed of by SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park management or security unless the guest wishes to return it to their vehicle

-All signs subject to final approval by SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park

  • Bicycles (may be parked at approved bike valet)
  • Brooms, sticks, rods
  • Cameras and video-recording devices that are professional-grade
  • Computers
  • Drones, remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles or other similar motorized vehicles/devices
  • Drugs (including marijuana) or other illegal substances/paraphernalia
  • Firearms
  • Fireworks or other incendiary devices
  • Frisbees, footballs or other throwable sports equipment
  • Glass containers of any type
  • Hard or soft-sided coolers
  • Inflatables
  • Knives of any type
  • Lawn chairs or rigid-framed seating devices (except for ADA usage or as approved by the SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park management team)
  • Laser pointers
  • Masks that are not medical in nature
  • Motorcycle and bicycle helmets (may be checked in at designated bag valet locations prior to entry)
  • Noise-making devices (unless approved by the SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park management team)
  • Obscene, offensive, and/or political clothing

-Clothing must be in good taste as determined by the SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park management team

  • Outside alcohol or other beverages (except factory-sealed water, 16.9 oz. or less, soft-sided single juice or milk containers or medically required liquids in a sealed contained)
  • Skateboards, scooter, razors, hoverboard, or any wheeled footwear
  • Smokeless/chewing tobacco, vaporizers, e-cigarettes or other related devices
  • Stickers
  • Tents (unless approved by SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park management team)
  • Umbrellas (unless approved by the Sofi Stadium and Hollywood Park management team); may not block guest views or stadium signage
  • Wagons
  • Strollers
  • Weapons of any type (tasers, nunchaku, pepper spray, mace, expandable batons, etc.)


Are tickets complimentary?

  • Yes, tickets for the Rams House Premiere are complimentary, and Season Ticket Members will receive as may tickets as they have seats on their account.

Will tickets be transferable?

  • Tickets will be loaded into your account by 24 hours prior to the event. They will then be transferable so that you can distribute to other members of your party.

Where do I access my ticket(s)?

  • Tickets can be accessed by logging into Rams Account Manager on web or through the Rams App. Guests are encouraged to download their parking pass and tickets prior to arrival for expedited entry.

Do children require a ticket?

  • Children under two years old do NOT require a ticket. All children two years and over will require a ticket.

Is reentry permitted?

  • Re-entry will not be permitted. Once your ticket has scanned, you will not be able to come back into the building if you exit.

How does mobile ticketing work? When should I make sure to download my tickets?

  • Please review our mobile ticketing guides for step-by-step instructions on how to access and download your tickets. Guests are encouraged to download their parking pass and tickets prior to arrival by logging into Rams Account Manager on web or through the Rams App.


Will food or beverage be available for purchase?

  • Due to COVID-19 guidelines, food and beverage sales are not permitted in the stadium at this time.

Can I bring my own food and beverage?

  • Guests may bring two (2) 16 oz. factory sealed water bottles.

Will water fountains be available?

Water fountains will not be available. Guests may bring two (2) 16 oz. factory sealed water bottles. Water bottle refill stations will be available.


Will The Equipment Room be open?

  • Yes, The Equipment Room will be open with limited capacity, per COVID-19 guidelines. Members may experience wait times based on capacity.

When can I visit The Equipment Room?

  • Members may shop after their reserved stadium time.

Where is The Equipment Room?

  • The team store is located on the south side of the stadium.

What payment is accepted at The Equipment Room?

  • The Equipment Room is cashless and accepts all major credit cards.