Stadium Seat License (SSL) is a one-time deposit that is mandated to go towards the construction of SoFi Stadium giving the fan the rights to purchase season and playoff tickets to the Rams games through 2068. The SSL also provides the fan with a level of ownership and additional benefits above and beyond a traditional season ticket purchase.



Exclusive rights to your seats through 2068 for all Rams home games.


Flexible Payments

Ability to pay upfront or a deposit to best fit the fans budget.


Return on Deposit

Following 2068, it is the intent that the owner of the SSL deposit at that time will receive a dollar for dollar return of all SSL deposit monies paid.


Exclusive Benefits

As a Seat License Owner, you will have access to exclusive member experiences and gifts, playoff ticket access and savings, discounted merchandise, etc.


Presale Opportunities for Stadium Events

Not only are you securing your Rams Season Ticket rights but also being provided amenities such as presale opportunities to stadium concerts and events.