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April 2024 STM of the Month: Chris Athaide

240412-STM of the Month Chris Athaide

Congratulations to our April Season Ticket Member of the Month, Chris Athaide! Chris has been a Rams fan his whole life and a loyal Season Ticket Member ever since the team moved to St Louis in 1995. Chris loves the fan community that comes with being a Rams Season Ticket Member. He enjoys being a part of close-knit social fan groups and meeting other faithful Rams fans at away games. Read more about Chris below!

How long have you been a Rams STM?

29 years.

Share your story on how you became a Rams Fan.

I grew up a Rams fan in NY. When I moved to St. Louis after graduating college in 1986, I kept faithful. When the Rams relocated to St. Louis in 1995, I was ecstatic and immediately applied for 4 seats in the upper bowl. To my dismay, I did not win those, as there were far more applicants than seats. I was then asked if I wanted to enter into a lottery for lower-level seats. Given the higher cost, I did request the lottery for 2. I ended up with 2 seats in the 2nd row of the endzone. It was spectacular. Greatest Show on Turf! In 1999, I accepted a new job in Orange County and moved out with my kids. I kept the tickets the entire time, until they moved back to LA. I sold them to friends, gave away to family, and also the Rams would call me to use them for player parents or I would fly back once a year for a game. Once they announced moving back to LA, I immediately signed up again and here we are 29 years later!

What is your favorite Rams memory?

Besides the Super Bowl win and being seated right above where Coooooop caught the game winner, I would have to say the TNF Chiefs game. We were in the 7th row in the endzone, where the NFL network set up for the pre- and post-game broadcast. I went with my sons and some friends as we had 8 seats. It was electric. The night, the lights the highlight reel plays every possession. After the game we sat in our seats for a good 45 min and watched the broadcast, but my only thought was "can you believe what we just saw?" I still get goosebumps thinking of the same.

What does being a Rams fan mean to you?

I am a big fan of only a few teams. My Fighting Irish, NY Yankees, Islanders and The Rams. It's being a part of a bigger fan community. The twitter spaces are a blast and there is a close-knit group. The pregame parking lot is always fun too. I love traveling to road games and meeting all of the other faithful. Last year was Detroit for the playoff game.

Who is your favorite Rams player past or present? Why?

For me there are 2. The Bus - as he is fellow ND alum and Jack Youngblood. Jack was such a beast and the heart of the D. Playing with cracked leg during playoffs was just emblematic of his grit. The Bus was just fun to watch. For a big man he had very nimble feet and the biggest smile! I'm just sorry his time with the Rams was so short.