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Artist Domonique Brown talks Juneteenth collaboration with Rams
Rams Season Ticket Member and Black business owner Domonique Brown recently had the opportunity to collaborate with the organization to create a Juneteenth graphic for all of its activations surrounding the holiday.
By Stu Jackson Jun 17, 2024

WATTS – Last season, Rams Season Ticket Member Domonique Brown reached out to Coordinator, Brand Strategy & Partnerships Tiras Holifield about collaborating.

From there, the conversations led to telling her story for this year's Juneteenth as an opportunity to give back to Brown and her business because of her support for the organization. Beyond that collaboration, Brown also participated in the Rams' recent beautification of Florence Joyner Elementary School.

"I basically sent them a cold email," Brown said. "I said, 'Hey, I'm a Rams fan, I'm a season ticket holder. I really want to work with the Rams in some kind of capacity. I didn't have an idea of what it would be, but I was like, 'I just want to do something with them.' This is really cool. So after talking over the past few years, Tiras hit me up and was like, what about your team, and I was like, 'okay!' It was a different challenge because how do you showcase the Rams plus the importance of Juneteenth and put it together? But through collaboration, we were able to put this really fun shirt together that really just embodies the Rams and also Juneteenth and the importance of celebration."

Brown is a Black business owner who has her own original artwork company called DomoInk. Through her company, she has worked with the likes of Samsung, Disney, HBO, Bath and Body Works, and Adobe.

With this piece, she said she wanted her artwork to show that "we need to celebrate the Black community, the understanding of Black experience, the history behind Juneteenth and why we should celebrate it."

"And also, I want people to see, what does celebration look like?" Brown said. "With Juneteenth barely becoming a holiday within the last few years, I want people to understand what is it. I think people understand it's the end of slavery, but how do we celebrate it now? So I really wanted that art piece to show what it means."

For Brown, being able to do this in partnership with the team she has supported since her childhood has been an "absolutely amazing experience."

this opportunity is so big for me because I literally I feel like I didn't even have a choice to not be around span like if you look at one of my first pictures of me as a kid, like a newborn pictures my dad would a ram shirt on. So I feel like my whole life has always been rams rounds rounds, no matter when they went to St. Louis and even now, so my dad had no voice so I miss, I guess standing son. Yeah, we got season tickets at the Coliseum. That's the beginning now we're at the SoFi stadium and now with the addition on my fiancee now, so it feels really good to actually like, collaborate with a brand that's been a part of my life like since forever I don't remember. So this is really good opportunity also to even like to speak to giunti which is a big holiday, to be able to speak to the importance of it and be able to design for it.

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