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OutLoud Sports Athlete Showcase: Cameron Blake on discovering OutLoud Sports' flag football league, best forms of allyship from individuals and more

As part of the Rams' ongoing efforts to celebrate Pride Month, will be showcasing athletes from OutLoud Sports, the nation's original LGBTQAI+ and Allies recreational sports league which was founded in 2007. Since 2022, the Rams have partnered with OutLoud on two flag leagues to expand the impact of football in Los Angeles.

Wrapping up the series is Cameron Blake, one of the athletes who competes in OutLoud Sports' Flag Football League.

CB - 16x9 OutLoud Showcase

A Louisiana native who attended LSU, Cameron Blake moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. She also enjoys writing, and is currently working on pre-production for an action film with one of her best friends because they are both black belts and train heavily with martial arts.

She initially discovered L.A.-based OutLoud Sports through its kickball league – and through a friend's generous amount of time spent researching recreational sports in the city. Blake also said she played both basketball and softball growing up, "and it had been years" since she was involved in sports, "but my competitive side really needed some attention."

"One of my best friends was sweet enough to make a spreadsheet for me with recreational sports nearby, and I eventually ended up in flag football when my other two friends also wanted to play," Blake said. "It's been an incredible experience and I look forward to it every Monday night!"

All told, Blake has been involved with OutLoud Sports since last summer, and its flag football league specifically since last fall.

For Blake, the best part of the organization is the community.

"It's great to be around other people who are so open and caring, yet also super competitive and talented," Blake said. "I love that we all want to win, but we also all just want to be friends and foster each other's growth in the sport and as human beings."

Blake said the Rams' support of OutLoud's flag football league has been crucial from both inclusivity and growth standpoints.

"It's super important for these leagues because it not only shows support for a minority group, which we all know has trouble garnering support in general, but it gives us the means to create these communities and friendships that are important for so many reasons," Blake said. "I think most LGBTQ+ would agree they felt some form of isolation or loneliness growing up and not having these types of organizations to lean on for bonding over mutual love and joy for something like a sport was difficult. It's important that a huge, respected organization like the Rams supports these types of communities so we can maintain and grow these spaces."

When it comes to living her authentic life, Blake points to her mother as her source of inspiration, primarily because her mother has always encouraged her that she's here to live her own life.

"In fact, most times when we're on the phone and I'm worried about anything, she asks me 'Whose life are you living and for who?', to which my response is 'My own and myself,'" Blake said. "She's been so supportive in my LGBTQ+ journey and I couldn't be more thankful for her guidance and love."

According to Blake, being better allies for the LGBTQ+ community can start with individuals treating the community as "normal people."

"There's no need for special attention from an individual because then it just feels… abnormal? When in reality, it's completely normal to be a part of this," Blake said. "For organizations, I think better allyship comes from holding space for our community and making it known how accepted it is. The LA Rams sponsoring Outloud and actually featuring us is huge. Giving us a place to meet every week and hang out is big. Organizations should continue doing that and creating these rooms for us to be in and feel safe and supported."

When it comes to celebrating Pride Month, Blake indicated there are many different ways to do so.

"Parades, outings, events – you name it!" she said. "Pride month is the best. I personally am excited for the big concert and WeHo parade. I think coming out and showing support in all the colors and just having a blast is the way to celebrate. Like I said, I'm from Louisiana, so I'm used to Mardi Gras and Pride Month in LA feels like its own version of Mardi Gras but for this community! Best way to celebrate – do whatever you can to have fun and show support!"

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