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Rams WR Brandon Powell on his punt return touchdown, Matthew Stafford's thoughtfulness, & more on Rams Revealed

When Brandon Powell reflects on the high points of his NFL career, Matthew Stafford's thoughtfulness plays a leading role.

The latest to try his hand as the Rams punt returner, Powell made headlines in Week 16 for his 61-yard punt return in Minnesota, lifting Los Angeles to another road win and a clean sweep of December. It was the first non-offensive touchdown of the season for the Rams (11-4), who are now atop the NFC West with two games to play.

In the closing seconds of that 30-23 triumph over the Vikings, Stafford called the 26-year-old into the offensive huddle, including him in a victory formation.

"It meant everything," Powell said of the gesture on this week's Rams Revealed podcast.

"Brandon Powell (is) everything that's right about NFL football. The guy works his tail off," Stafford said following the win.

"He was in there when we were taking a knee at the end of the game. I brought him in the huddle. Gotta give it up for this guy. (Those) seven points… the difference in the football game."

It was reminiscent of another time these two had connected for a moment Powell remembers vividly to this day.

"It was the last game of my rookie year. We played the Green Bay Packers," Powell recalled of that 2018 trip to Lambeau Field with the Detroit Lions. "It was my first start, and I went for over 100 yards (receiving).

"I'll never forget, I had like 94 yards or something like that. (Standing) on the sideline, my teammates, we were all talking about, 'Man, I'm almost there.'

"Stafford, he called a play. You know, it wasn't the play that was supposed to be called, but he … threw it to me to get me over 100 yards. And ever since then, I was like, 'That's my favorite quarterback'."

Powell finished that 31-0 win with 103 yards receiving, still far-and-away his career high. He did haul in his first two career touchdowns with the Atlanta Falcons last season. However, he says nothing compares to the punt return touchdown that enabled the Rams to punch a playoff ticket.

For much more on Powell, including his new reading hobby and planning a special trip for his grandmother in the New Year, check out Rams Revealed on YouTube, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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