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Gerald Everett Making Plays when Opportunities Come

In a word, the play was majestic.

You've likely seen it plenty of times by now. Quarterback Jared Goff behind center in shotgun. Tight end Gerald Everett lined up outside on the right. At the snap, Goff takes three steps back, looks to his right, and fires a deep pass down the sideline, where Everett was matched up one-on-one with safety Daniel Sorensen.

Everett makes the catch at about the 14-yard line, evades Sorensen's arm tackle, and tiptoes his way into the end zone for a game-winning touchdown.

"It was kind of crazy to actually watch it after the game," Everett said Monday — a week removed from making the play. "[P]robably one of my best plays. But it was pretty surreal to see it in the air in a moment like that. But just glad I could be there."

That touchdown has gotten all the play for Everett, but it wasn't the only one he caught in Los Angeles' 54-51 victory over Kansas City. Earlier in the fourth quarter, Everett caught a seven-yard touchdown on 3rd-and-goal to to give his team a 47-44 lead.

In all, Everett had three receptions for 49 yards with a pair of touchdowns on just four targets in the contest.

In some ways, that's how it's been all season for the second-year tight end. Everett's had to make the most of his opportunities when they come, since they haven't necessarily come often. He's played only 25 percent of Los Angeles' offensive snaps in 2018, making 18 receptions (on 27 targets) for 210 yards with three touchdowns — all of which have come in the Rams' last two games.

L.A.'s tight ends haven't necessarily been the focal point of the offense for such of the year. And while not necessarily ideal for anyone who wants to make plays, it was OK with Everett.

"I think it's something that definitely evolves," Everett said of his role in the offense. "But us as a tight end position, we were waiting for our time to breakout. But I mean, you have guys like Robert Woods, Brandin Cooks, Cooper Kupp, Todd Gurley, Josh Reynolds — I mean, we want to see those guys thrive as well. But everybody wants the ball, in this offense specifically."

Everett was at a bit of a disadvantage when the season started, having suffered a shoulder injury in training camp that kept him sidelined until Week 1. Everett played only five snaps against Oakland to open the year, and then only eight in Week 2.

But Everett has been a steady presence since then, playing between 16 and 23 offensive snaps (ranging from 21.8 to 41.8 percent) of reps in Los Angeles' last nine games.

Focusing in on the last four games, there's been a clear uptick in production, with Everett making nine receptions for 134 yards with his three touchdowns. He also caught a two-point conversion that tied the game at 35 in New Orleans.

"I"m just making the most of my [opportunities]," Everett said. "And playing in this offense is a dream come true. One of the most highly-fueled offenses in the league, and I'm glad to be here. I mean however many snaps I get, I'm going to make the most of them — just be there for my team."

While Everett has shown plenty of growth throughout the course of the season, he did note that he'd like to show more of his ability as a blocker. Many of Everett's snaps have come in known-passing situations — like third downs, or in a two-minute drill.

"I hear it from some of my buddies on other teams — when they see me on the field, it's mostly pass. So that kind of gives them an advantage," Everett said. "So I mean, at the same time, Tyler [Higbee] and I compliment each other, like I said in camp. But when he's out there, he's gonna make plays. When I'm out there, I'm gonna make plays. And that's just how we feel as a tight ends group."

Especially over the course of the last few weeks, that feeling has been absolutely right.