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Indochino Staff Championship Journey: Kat Frederick

Like Indochino's custom suits, every Rams staff member's championship journey is different. We'll be highlighting those stories in a three-part series with each installment focusing on a different member of the organization.

Concluding the series is Chief Marketing Officer Kathryn Frederick, who just completed her first season with the organization after working for Ticketmaster and Live Nation for multiple years.


Kathryn Frederick started as the Rams' new chief marketing officer in early August as training camp was underway. Six months later, she watched as her first season with the organization concluded with the team hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy at SoFi Stadium following its 23-20 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI.

"To say that this season has been surreal, it's probably an understatement," Frederick said. "Every opportunity to enjoy this season has been sort of a continuous cycle of micro-moments that just culminate in the Super Bowl. And so, I think for me, the only word to describe it as is surreal."

Frederick had plenty of experience with live events well before taking in Rams home gamedays, having worked for TicketMaster and Live Nation Entertainment for multiple years prior to joining the Rams, but that atmosphere at SoFi Stadium proved to be unique and special. Given her role within the organization, it was also important to observe and witness first-hand.

"I think the beauty of LA is that we as fans have access to some of the biggest moments on the globe," Frederick said. "Whether that's the kickoff of Taylor Swift and her tour, or the introduction of a new team to a city like Angel City, each of these live events creates these indelible memories that stayed part of the fabric of who we are as people. And I think the most important thing for me to see up close this season was how much this fandom means, not only to this franchise, but what this fandom means for L.A., and how that comes to life and how that persists over time, and how we have multiple generations of hearts and minds to win over. And the Super Bowl is just the beginning."

Frederick said the most rewarding part of that journey is the same as it is for any journey – "walking with the people that I love and people that can galvanize their passion towards an endgame." For her, that means a memorable work-life integration where she was able to celebrate with her work family and her personal family.

"Those worlds colliding has probably been one of the most important professional feats of my career," Frederick said.

While the Super Bowl victory was a special experience, Frederick will also fondly remember leading the team that played a pivotal role in making those gamedays and other activations throughout the season come to life.

"Winning the Super Bowl was surreal, but also getting the opportunity to lead a passionate, invested and truly creative and innovative team to our collective success is something in my professional life that I will keep with me forever," she said.

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