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June 2024 STM of the Month: Ernestine Duran

June STM of the Month Ernestine Duran

Congratulations to our June Season Ticket Member of the Month, Ernestine Duran! Ernestine has been a Season Ticket Member since 2016 but has been going to Rams games with her father since she was a child. Ernestine's favorite Rams memory is taking her 90-year-old father to the Super Bowl to watch the Rams win. To Ernestine, being a Rams fan is all about love, family, and bonding. She loves meeting Rams fans wherever she goes and bonding over their shared fandom of the Rams. Read more about Ernestine below!

How long have you been a Rams STM?

Season ticket holder since 2016.

Share your story on how you became a Rams Fan.

I am the youngest of 10 and my dad was a huge Rams Fan and I loved him dearly. When I was a little girl, my dad would take me to see the Rams practice at Cal State Fullerton and if I could name 5 players on Sunday he would take me to see them at the Coliseum. We stayed true when they moved and I promised my dad that one day they would return and when they did, I was getting us season tickets. When it was announced our Rams were coming home and that we would host a Super Bowl I told him we're going to be in that Super Bowl and we are going to Win. And at 90 years old I was able to make my dad's lifelong dream of seeing his Los Angeles Rams win a Super Bowl at home in our stadium. It was honestly the most special Day in my life. I lost my father 2 months after going to the Super Bowl. But he talked about it almost every day and I am so happy we were able to experience that.


What is your favorite Rams memory?

Taking my 90-year father to the Super Bowl to watch our Rams win. I made him a sign that said he was 90 year old Korean Vet and a Rams Fan since 1946. Everyone was stopping him and taking pictures even Bengals Fans wanted pictures with him! He was so happy getting VIP treatment and then to see our Rams win!! It was a day I will absolutely never forget. I lost my dad Everett Sosa the following April, but that memory will be with me and my whole family for eternity. I still have the sign up on the wall in my home. The back is signed by all my nieces and nephews who chipped in to buy my dad his ticket.

What does being a Rams fan mean to you?

Love, Family and Bonding. Being a Fan of the Rams is to have family wherever you go and see someone sporting that Blue and Gold "Horns Up" is all you have to say and your bonded with a perfect stranger. The most important is Love, the love maybe a father had trouble showing his little girl and used Football and the Rams to bond and bond we did. I was a daddy's girl till the end. That first game without him was so hard I sat in my seat and cried for the entire game. But we did it Daddy we did it!!

Who is your favorite Rams player past or present? Why?

Kurt Warner. It was rough when they moved, I was angry and when Kurt came in as an underdog and took us all the way. You couldn't help but love them again. The Greatest Show On Turf was something no one saw coming. Kurt Warner made me love the Rams no matter what city they were in. But so grateful they are back.