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Rams Hall of Fame Legend Isaac Bruce pays it forward with Flight 300 program

When Los Angeles Rams Hall of Fame Legend Isaac Bruce received a scholarship to junior college in California, he was $300 short of affording a flight to Los Angeles. When he was gifted the money, his life was changed forever. Now, through his Flight 300 program, he provides transportation for college students in need.  

Prior to kickoff of the Rams preseason matchup versus the Las Vegas Raiders and in honor of National Aviation Day, Bruce and American Airlines hosted 30 Flight 300 program participants to enjoy a Rams game day. Participants gathered in YouTube Theater at SoFi Stadium for a networking event and then watched the game from a suite provided by the Rams and American Airlines. 

Flight 300, launched in 2014, covers the costs of one-way airfare for students heading to college who are unable to afford the transportation to campus. Tiffani Burris, Executive Director of the Isaac Bruce Foundation, said that they also offer Ubers to and from the airport, costs to check bags, and extra resources for bedding, towels, and hygiene products students may have been unable to travel with. 

"Flight 300 is extra important because I think it fills a gap, fills a need [for] college students who don't have the funds to purchase an airline ticket," said Bruce. He said there should not be shame in not having the funds but rather he praises the grace to reach out for help. 

At Saturday's game, American Airlines provided Bruce five million AAdvantage Miles to help provide transportation to over 300 students traveling to school in 2024. This season the Rams are supporting American Airlines and Flight 300 by providing transportation to students starting the 2023 school year.

Through the American Airlines Flight 300 program, the Los Angeles Rams and legend Isaac Bruce hosted students at SoFi Stadium for a pregame networking event and a special gameday experience. Take a look through photos from the event, where students had the chance to engage in conversations with Isaac Bruce, Rams executives, American Airlines executives, and each other.

Eunice, a first-generation college student and rising senior at the University of Southern California, credits Flight 300 for her ability to go back to school every fall. "Flight 300 has helped me get back to school for two years now. It's taking the burden off me of worrying how I'm going to get back to school."

Bruce emphasized how being in the exact position as these students inspired him to start Flight 300 to make their dreams of attending schools like Brown, Dartmouth, Stanford, and USC a reality. Terrence Bradshaw, American Airlines Director of Talent Development, said, "As someone who needed assistance getting to school myself during the first couple of years, this program is tremendous."

According to the Isaac Bruce Foundation, financial aid offices at Ivy League schools have begun distributing information about Flight 300 to their first-generation low income (FGLI) students. This extension of the program and many students having ties to Los Angeles, provides opportunity for the partnership to continue to thrive.

Bruce reiterated that the chance to pay this back has been great and the collective partnership with American Airlines has allowed the program to grow. Bradshaw added, "The impact that we have on young students lives, [I'm] happy to be a part of this. We're proud as American [Airlines] to partner with the Isaac Bruce Foundation."

Bruce stated, "We have sponsors coming in donating, helping us with this program, helping us grow this program. I can see it growing more exponentially over the next couple of years." Last season during the Rams-Cowboys Week 5 game, Bruce was presented with a donation of five million AAdvantage miles to his Flight 300 program, all of which were put to use. Bruce is proud that his Rams have continued to support the growth of the program.

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