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Toyota Patio Club

Toyota Patio Club

The Toyota Patio Club is one of two indoor/outdoor clubs at SoFi Stadium. The club has a light, airy feel to it and is complemented by trees and resort-style seating. Food & beverage options include tamales, stromboli dog, pizza, sushi and more.


  • Diverse greenery and landscaping native to California
  • Food and beverage for purchase
  • Soft seating
  • Private restrooms

Location: Level 3 – West

Access: Sections C215 – C223 & VIP218 – VIP220, PLAT218 – PLAT220; Patio Suites 4W1 – 4W18 & 5W1 – 5W18, Perch Suites 4NW1 – 4NW10 & 5NW1 – 5NW10

Toyota Patio Club Photos