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2018 Rams Rookies Arrive in Los Angeles

Check out behind-the-scenes photos of rookies arriving at the Rams' facility in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

The 2018 NFL Draft has been complete for two weeks, but with the Rams' offseason program schedule, the club's rookies just arrived in Southern California on Monday.

The draft picks and college free agents will now get integrated into the Phase II of Los Angeles' offseason program, while also going through the team's rookie success program.

As the newest Rams saw their lockers for the first time, caught up with a few rookies to get their first impressions. Here are some of their best quotes.



What has this day been like for you? Do you finally feel like a Ram?
Yeah, people always ask, 'When is it going to set in?' I said, 'Not until I get there.' And that was definitely right — just seeing this locker room, it's finally setting in.

What was it like getting drafted and then having a two-week waiting period?
All the coaches advice was just to stay in shape because right when you get there, you're going right into practice. So it's just kind of waiting, and anxiousness, and excitement.

When you get the call that the Rams have drafted you, what was it like for you emotionally?
It's like all your hard work that you've put in for over a decade just paying off in that one moment, that one phone call. And it's overwhelming. And it doesn't set in right away — it didn't set in until now for me. So it's amazing.


How did you spend the last two weeks?
The same way I spent the last couple months, really — just working out, hanging out at home. It's really the first time since high school I've been home that long, so good to be home with my family for a little and just hang out in my home town, and work out, and get ready for this.


What are you looking forward to the most about being here now?**
Just getting to work, really. Getting into the playbook. We got that sent to us a couple weeks ago, so [I've been] digging into that on my own. Kind of just getting into the O-line room and start learning as much as I can. Really, just get here and start earning my role on this team. And I'm excited for it.

What do you anticipate these next couple days and weeks will be like in the offseason program?
I can think of stuff, but it's my first time being in the NFL and being in this environment. So I'm sure I'll have an idea, but something completely new will come tomorrow and for weeks to come. So just looking forward to it and getting ready to work.


What was it like seeing your locker for the first time?
I don't want to say a dream come true, because nothing's set in stone yet. But it's exciting. It's a stepping stone that's something I've been waiting on my whole life. And I'm excited to get started. That's all I can say — I'm excited.

We heard you say you were looking for a Rams shirt in Texas but couldn't find one — are you glad to get one now?
Oh yeah, finally. I've been looking for the last two weeks. You get drafted and you want to put on a hat or something after. But we looked all over and there was nothing. So finally I got some stuff. Hopefully I can send a shirt or something back to my family.


What has this day been like, your first day as an L.A. Ram?
A long day of travel — came all the way from Baltimore, so about a six-hour flight. And I've been going ever since — physicals, getting equipment stuff done. And it's awesome just getting around rookie guys. And you can feel kind of the anxiousness but at the same time a lot of excitement. So just ready to get to work.

What are you looking forward to the most now that you've arrived?
Just getting in with the team and earning a role. I'm one of those guys who will do whatever it takes to make a team. So I'm just coming in here to compete and lead the way I do. And, hopefully, win a Super Bowl with these guys.



What is it like to see your locker for the first time?
It's amazing, man. It's just something that you just know a lot of people don't get to experience — having your name up here in an NFL locker room, it's crazy.

Is it emotional for you at all?
Very. It's really overwhelming, honestly — when I looked up and saw [my nameplate] and actually got to touch it. It was a whole different feeling.

What did you think when the Rams drafted you?
It's a dream come true. There's so much I can learn from [Ndamukong] Suh and [Aaron] Donald. And just being in the game while those two guys are in the game — a couple sacks are going to fall in your lap when you're playing with those guys, you know? So it's an edge rusher's dream playing here.


What was your initial thought after the Rams selected you?
I was excited. I was happy. This is my first time being out in California, so it was going to be a new experience for me. And then to play under a guy like Todd [Gurley] — I'm coming into a good situation where I can learn as much as I can from him. And it's a good program here. So I'm excited to see what the future holds for us.

You've been smiling since you walked in the door. Are you always that way?
Yeah, I'm happy to be here. I'm happy to be here. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. Coming from where I came from, it was a long journey to get here. So I can't do anything but smile. I mean, when I get on the field, it's a little different. But as of right now, I'm all smiles for sure.

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