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Asst. QBs coach Robinson on Goff: "You just want to keep on the trajectory he's on right now."

In late August last year, Pro Football Focus put out a video breakdown of the Rams’ offense. It detailed how Los Angeles used different concepts — like play-action passes, using certain personnel groups — in order to create mismatches and advantages in scheme.

The host of that video? Zac Robinson, who is the Rams' new assistant quarterbacks coach.

"Really impressed with some of the things he was doing with PFF," head coach Sean McVay said of Robinson earlier this month at the NFL Combine. "He had some impressive things, whether it be breaking down our scheme or, he watched as much tape as anybody over the last couple years, with the things he was being asked to do."

While Robinson has "assistant" in his title, McVay noted that Robinson will be running the day-to-day operations of the quarterbacks room. Passing game coordinator/quarterbacks Shane Waldron will have more of an overseeing/advisory role for the signal-callers. And then, of course, McVay will remain the team's offensive playcaller.

But for Robinson, this is his first job coaching in the league. After playing college ball at Oklahoma State, Robinson was drafted by the Patriots in the seventh round of the 2020 NFL Draft. He bounced around to a few other teams, but never accumulated any pro stats.

Recently, Robinson's been working for Pro Football Focus as an analyst. And he's also helped prepare quarterbacks for the Combine — as well as worked with a few QBs already in the league to aid in their improvement.

But now he's taking all that experience to his first professional coaching job on the L.A. Rams.

"It's definitely helped out big-time," Robinson told of his previous experiences. "I've been trying to stay in-tune, and take a big picture of what's going on with different schemes throughout the league — defense, offense, and getting kind of a big-picture of it. And then just getting in the mix, I'm fired up to be on a team. You always miss the competitiveness and being around a team and working toward a goal. So being a part of that again is what I'm fired up about."

Robinson is also excited to work with quarterback Jared Goff — who Robinson has been studying for years.

"Obviously I've been a huge fan of Jared's game since he was in college," Robinson said. "And following his career so far and watching every throw that he's made in the NFL, and just staying in tune with what he's doing. But obviously, he's a great player. So I'm excited to get to be around him and hopefully help continue to develop him. He's so good in such a natural player right now that you just kind of want to keep on the trajectory he's on right now."

"He's got just a great poise about him, great demeanor, never too high, never too low — so you love that part," Robinson added. "And then you mentioned the throws from the pocket — he's got every throw in the book. You love to see he can get out on the move and extend a little bit outside the pocket. So he's got everything you're looking for — great leader from everything I hear from the guys, and everybody loves him. So, obviously, all that stuff is really important."

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And one perhaps underrated element of Goff's game that Robinson took notice of at PFF is the quarterback's ability to make plays out of the pocket.

"Jared ended up No. 2 behind Patrick Mahomes in terms of throwing yards outside the pocket — which, a lot of people think of him as a pocket guy, but when he gets out on bootlegs and things, he's really accurate," Robinson said. "So that one definitely — you just don't think of it right off the bat. But then once you watch him play, you're like, 'Oh yeah, they are getting some good, chunk plays with him moving outside the pocket and throwing on the run.'"

As Robinson said, his goal is to ensure Goff's trajectory continues to go on that path.

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