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Bay Area Native Jared Goff Raising Money for Wildfire Relief


Los Angeles Rams quarterback and Marin County native Jared Goff has started a GoFundMe page to assist those affected by the raging wildfires in Northern California. As a child, Goff grew up less than 40 miles south of Sonoma and Napa County, two of several areas affected by the fires in recent weeks. 

On Tuesday night, the death toll from the flames hit 42, while thousands of others have been affected by the fire's devasation. Over the last two weeks, more than 200,000 acres have been burned and countless homes have been destroyed, according to the LA Times.

And though local crews continue to increase containment of the cluster of fires, Goff is hoping to do his part to help his hometown.

"Yeah, I was thinking about that for a while and just kind of hadn't really gotten around to doing it," Goff said Wednesday. "Yesterday I had the day off and it just took me 10 minutes to set it up and I wanted to help the people up there."

The former Cal Berkley standout launched a GoFundMe page on Tuesday, one that has already raised more than half of its $50,000 goal. The money from the fundraising page will be donated to the Sonoma County Fire Association. From there Goff said the money will be used to assist "all the victims of the fires as well as firefighters that were affected by it."

In the wake of several natural disasters over the last few months, including Huricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, many NFL stars have come out to help the thousands of people and communities in need. Goff said he was inspired by Texans' defensive end J.J. Watt who most recently raised more than $37 million for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

"I mean, that was unbelievably huge what he did, especially with the devastation they had there," Goff said. "But yeah that definitely gave me an idea. Maybe I could do something like that. Not nearly of that scale, but it definitely prompted the thought for sure."

"Being from where I'm from, it's something I want to do to try to give back."

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