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Best Quotes from Week 2 of OTAs

Between coaches and players, the Rams had plenty to say from the second week of OTAs. Here are a few of the best soundbites.


Have you heard people talk talking about a positive change in the environment surrounding the team? "I think it starts with the players. Those guys are doing a great job of setting the tone. They come out and they compete and that's all that you can ask from them. We all feel good right now. We know that when the season rolls around we will have some great challenges and that will be the real test when you go through some adversity. Can't say enough about what our leaders have done in terms of the way that they approach meetings, on the practice field, it's been a good thing so far."

Jamon Brown has been taking snaps at right tackle. What do you like about him and how has he performed so far? "I think what you like about Jamon is his demeanor. I think he's got a great disposition, where he's willing to be coached. He's got good movement for a big, physical player. When he gets his hands on people, he certainly does a nice job of securing the line of scrimmage. Whether that be in the run game or in protection when he jump sets people. What he showed last week was very encouraging. Under [offensive line coach Aaron] Kromer's guidance, we expect him to improve."



How has it been taking snaps at right tackle? "It's going pretty good. Obviously, I have a little background at tackle playing it in college. And I even played it my first two years in the league. But getting after it and knocking off some of the rust, it's been going pretty good."

What is the dynamic like with you at right tackle and Rob Havenstein at right guard instead of the other way around? "Well it's always good to be able to work back with Rob. Like you said, we came in together. It's been a little different, me being on the outside of him. We had kind of got used to him being on the edge and me being on the inside. But that chemistry that we have, we just fit right in."


How is your transition to guard going? "It's going well, I think. Obviously, there's a lot to improve on. Luckily, we don't play tomorrow. So I'm going to keep being me in my preparation and try to get as comfortable as possible and just get ready to play."

What has the adjustment been like? Has it been tough? "Tackle to guard, there's just less space. Things happen a little quicker. It's a little different eye progression in terms of pass protection, and just some tackle tendencies I'm trying to break. I'm trying to do the best I can."


What has your impression of quarterback Jared Goff been since you arrived in L.A.? "You know, I think honestly I see a guy who's hungry, he's thirsty, he's asking the right questions. I would say — and I've said this before — I think his personality is a little more similar to Carson to me. I think that Andy was kind a little more naturally shy guy and kind of getting out of his shell guy. Carson was a little more of a, call it California, southern Cal personality — very laid back, confident. And I think Jared's that way. I think it's just getting him to let it out and be confident, be assertive and run the show. Because at the end of the day, we all go as far as the quarterback goes. So it's our job to make his job easier."

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