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Cooks Excited to Begin Working with Goff

After wide receiver Brandin Cooks was traded to the Rams on Tuesday, a report surfaced that he and quarterback Jared Goff had worked out together since they share an agent.

Essentially, the report made it seem like Cooks and Goff were likely already on the same page and the wideout's transition from Patriots to Rams would therefore be seamless.

But as Cooks clarified on Thursday morning, that isn't entirely the case.

"Yeah, I don't know how that came about," Cooks said of the report. "Jared and I — we met a few times prior to this. We're fortunate enough to have the same agent, so we've been around each other in that aspect. I've seen him throw and as far as getting together we plan on doing that soon. So, ask me in a couple weeks and I'll let you know."

So, Goff and Cooks haven't worked out together quite yet. But clearly they will soon — whether it's on their own or at the Rams' offseason program, which gets going in a couple weeks.

Cooks has caught passes from two of the best quarterbacks in league history during the first four years of his pro career — first Drew Brees in New Orleans fans then Tom Brady in New England. He says he's picked up plenty from both QBs, from practice habits to diet.

"I mean you talk about top-class professionals, the guys that perfect their craft every single day in the best way that they can," Cooks said. "Picking that up as a young guy early in my career, I'm hoping that I can bring that to the room. But not just to the room, but the team as well."

Though Goff certainly doesn't have the credentials of a Brady or Brees at this point in his career, Cooks was enthusiastic about the prospect of eatablishing a rapport with Los Angeles' 23-year-old signal-caller.

"[N]ow being able to be with a guy like Jared, I'm extremely excited at the opportunity to be able to grow with a young guy," Cooks said. "I'm young myself. To be able to start that rapport this offseason I think is going to be extremely huge. I look forward to getting to work right away actually."

Looking forward to getting to work — since, well, contrary to that report, they haven't yet.

As head coach Sean McVay quipped, "Yeah, it's a good story but it didn't happen."

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