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Daily Dose: Where Do Rams Fall in Second Wave of Post-Draft Power Rankings?

This offseason, will be taking a look around the internet for the top Rams headlines of the day. Here's a look at what's out there for Wednesday, May 9th about your Los Angeles Rams: 

Second Wave of Post-Draft Power Rankings:

Check out the jersey numbers that have been assigned to the Rams' draft picks and undrafted free agents.

Earlier this week, broke down where the Rams ranked in the first wave of NFL Post-Draft Power Rankings. In the three inaugural lists, Los Angeles came in among the top three teams in the league.

And as we get further along this offseason more and more sports media writers and analysts have begun to put together their own sets of power rankings — breaking down their outlook for every team in 2018. 

With that in mind, below is a roundup of where the Rams fall in the second wave of post-draft power rankings for next season:

**USA Today**: No. 5

Previous Ranking: No. 4

Change: -1

"Case to be made they won offseason after trades for Cooks, Talib, and Peters plus Suh signing. Yet 'offseason champs' rarely win Super Bowl."

Previous Ranking: No. 8

Change: -

"They are all-in on this season with the moves they made this spring. I think a big issue remains: Can they rush from the edge?"

****: No. 6

Previous Ranking: No. 6

Change: -

"The Rams didn't make a pick until the third round, but they still walked away with 11 selections and a clear strategy. After bolstering the secondary with trades, they used seven of their picks on offensive and defensive linemen. They hadn't selected seven linemen in a single draft since the 1970s." 

**'s Top 200 Fantasy Players for 2018


Fantasy Football, much like the on-field equivalent, is no longer just a seasonal topic but has become a year-long obsession. To satisfy fantasy football owners across the United States, the's team of fantasy experts are breaking down their initial 2018 positional player rankings.

The rankings are based on a PPR scoring system (one point) and will be updated throughout the season. And while there were five analysts asked to given their top-200 rankings, there were some common names popping up on each of them — including 11 Rams players spread throughout.

But for brevity's sake, below are the five players who appeared consistently on all five of the lists:  

— Todd Gurley, RB

— Brandin Cooks, WR

— Robert Woods, WR

— Cooper Kupp, WR

*— Jared Goff, QB *

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