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Mobile Ticketing FAQs

What is mobile entry?

The Los Angeles Rams have "mobile entry" for all football games. Your tickets, if purchased through the Rams or Ticketmaster, are accessible through the Los Angeles Rams mobile app, Ticketmaster app or Rams Account Manager and can be saved to your mobile device for access to into SoFi Stadium.

Can I still print my tickets from home?

No, NFL policies no longer allow print-at-home tickets for NFL games. In order to protect the integrity of your season tickets and prevent fraud and counterfeit ticket problems, tickets will no longer have a printout option for all Los Angeles Rams games. You can enter the SoFi Stadium via mobile or with your commemorative season tickets.

How do I download the Rams App?

The Rams will launch a new app in March 2020. More information will be available shortly.

Can I have multiple tickets on a single phone?

Yes. Once you select a game, you will be able to swipe left and right on your available tickets. If your entire party is not with you prior to entering SoFi Stadium, you can easily transfer each person their individual ticket.

What if I send the tickets to the wrong person?

If the tickets have not been accepted by the recipient, you can reclaim your tickets. Once the tickets have been accepted, you can no longer have access to them.

What if I need help on gameday? Battery issues? Broken device?

If you are having phone issues on gameday, you can contact us at (818) 338-0011 or info@rams.nfl.com

What else can I do through the Rams Mobile App?

You can download your tickets, transfer your tickets to a friend or post your tickets for resale.

How do I list my tickets for resale?

Given the NFL's open system for ticketing, there are a variety of ways you can list your tickets for resale.

  • NFL Ticket Exchange / Ticketmaster. You can list your tickets on NFL Ticket Exchange / Ticketmaster directly from your Rams Account Manager. If you list your tickets in this manner, the tickets will be listed automatically and there is no need to manually enter ticket information (e.g., barcodes, section/row/seat). NFL Ticket Exchange / Ticketmaster is the only ticketing platform to which tickets can be listed automatically from your season ticket account. You can also list tickets on NFL Ticket Exchange by going to the NFL Ticket Exchange website and inputting your barcode(s).
  • NFL Authorized Ticketing Platforms. You can list your tickets for resale on NFL authorized ticketing platforms such as StubHub. To list your tickets for resale on an NFL authorized ticketing platform, you will need your barcode and ticket information (section, row, and seat) that can easily be found in your Season Ticket or Team Account. This information enables your ticket listing to be instantly authenticated and automatically transferred to the buyer once sold. Once it has been made available by the team, a barcode is required in order to list a ticket for resale on any NFL authorized ticketing platform.
  • Any Third-Party Platform. Additionally, you are free to list your tickets for resale via any third-party platform. Please follow instructions from the platform that you choose to post your tickets correctly and transfer your tickets to the purchaser.

Why do I need to enter a barcode to list a ticket for resale on the NFL authorized platforms?

Listing tickets with barcodes enables tickets to be authenticated and delivered instantly to the buyer once sold. This helps to reduce fraud and ensures that fans will receive the exact tickets they intended to purchase. It also provides convenient delivery of tickets and quick payment for sellers.

Can I take a screenshot of my tickets?

No, screenshots will not be accepted. Barcodes rotate every few seconds, meaning screenshots of barcodes will quickly be invalidated.