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From the Podium: DL Michael Brockers, QB Jared Goff share takeaways from first training camp practice in pads

Defensive lineman Michael Brockers and quarterback Michael Brockers met with the media Tuesday to share their takeaways and impressions from the first practice in pads at Rams Training Camp presented by UNIFY Financial Credit Union, among other important topics. Here are some of the highlights and key takeaways from those virtual conversations:

"I told him the first time we were on the Zoom call, he had me fired up, ready to go. I wanted to put my helmet on, on the Zoom call, because he had me so fired up." – Brockers

  • Add Brockers the chorus of defensive players who resonate with defensive coordinator Brandon Staley's energetic approach.
  • While Staley carries that mindset, Brockers said he is also a "perfectionist" who "wants it to look the way he wants it to look, but at the same time, you know it comes out all out of love and he just wants us to perform and be the best players we can be."
  • Asked about experiencing Staley's defense in-person and in pads instead of over Zoom like they had done for so long, Brockers said "it was very well put together."

"Definitely at this point in time, early on, to see the secondary as on point as they are is definitely a good sight." – Brockers

  • Defensive backs made multiple plays during the 11-on-11 portion of Tuesday's practice, with cornerback Darious Williams and rookie safeties Terrell Burgess and Jordan Fuller each coming away with an interception.
  • At the same time, Brockers pointed to things he could work on as a defensive lineman, but mostly felt good about how the defense as whole performed: "Me personally, I feel like I have to be better with my hands, stuff like that you have to get used to with hitting pads rather than taking a little bit off going through walk-thrus and stuff like that, but for the most part, today was a great day."

"He's done a great job, he's really picking things up fast." – Goff

  • Rookie wide receiver Van Jefferson is giving Goff flashbacks to wide receiver Cooper Kupp's rookie year. Like Kupp, according to Goff, Jefferson is "just so far ahead of where a rookie should be."
  • Goff said that while Jefferson is "obviously extremely athletic," his ability to grasp the offense and its small intricacies has also been impressive.
  • Goff also offered the praise "cautiously," of course, because "you never want these young guys to get too far ahead of themselves."

"I hope so. I better be. I've been working pretty hard to be that way." – Goff

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