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Goff, Cooks will Establish Chemistry in Offseason Program

When the Rams acquired wide receiver Sammy Watkins in 2017, they completed the trade during training camp.

Watkins was certainly still effective last year, helping Los Angeles lead the league in scoring to the tune of 39 receptions for 593 yards and a team-high eight touchdowns. But by Watkins' own admission, arriving in Southern California in the middle of training camp likely set the wideout back in terms of learning and truly becoming comfortable with the offense.

That's part of why having wide receiver Brandin Cooks with the team for the start of the offseason program can have significant benefits down the road for L.A. The Rams, of course, traded for Cooks at the beginning of the month.

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"I think it's really important," head coach Sean McVay said. "I think that rapport that exists between a quarterback, receivers, tight ends, and backs is really important. The more time they get to be comfortable and familiar with each other, I think the better that we'll be served as an offense."

L.A. may specifically see benefits when it comes to deep passes, which often require significant chemistry between quarterback and wide receiver.

"With some of those deep balls, those are always things that we'll continue to work," McVay said. "I thought there was a handful of instances last year where Sammy did draw some PIs, where maybe we didn't connect on some things, so you still kind of get that same result.

"But if there is one thing that Brandin has done a nice job of specifically the last few years, it's being able to go get that deep ball," McVay continued. "I thought the quarterbacks he's played with have done an excellent job of giving him a chance, and putting them in the right location. Those are things that we'll try to utilize moving forward."

On Monday, quarterback Jared Goff said he was planning to throw with Cooks for the first time this week after watching film with him over the past weekend. He, too, recognizes the benefits of having Cooks around for the start of the offseason program.

"It's all rhythm. It's all timing," Goff said. "I think any time you can get this extra time with guys like that, especially, like you're saying, the deep stuff, it can help. I look forward to working with him and I know he's excited, and we're both excited to get to work and see what we can do."

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