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Goff Eager to Master Offensive System

A year ago, quarterback Jared Goff entered his first offseason program under head coach Sean McVay eager to begin installing what he'd heard from others around the league was "a great offense."

"From what I've heard, I've talked to quarterbacks around the league and coaches and what not, and I haven't heard a bad word about it. So, I'm excited for it," Goff said last April.

He also made a declaration that may have raised a few eyebrows at the time, but was actually prescient when he said, "I think I speak for the whole team — I think we're a lot closer to where we want to be than people may think. We've got the players, we've got the talent, we've got all the pieces we need, really. It's just about putting it together now. The coaches and the system we're going to run is going to be the glue for everything we need."

Twelve months and an NFC West division title later, there's certainly a different feel for the Cal product, now heading into his third professional season.

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"I really feel like this is truly my first real offseason. Last year was an offseason but there was so much transition going with the new staff and trying to learn the offense — not as much master it," Goff said Monday. "This year that's the goal — is to try to master it and continue to become, like [McVay] says, an extension of the coaching staff."

McVay set out mastering the Rams' systems as one of the key goals Los Angeles has for its offseason program. And one way to do that is to keep the offense as explosive as possible in 2018. The Rams finished in the top 10 in both passing plays of at least 20 yards (57) and at least 40 yards (13).

"We want to build off what we did last year," Goff said. "Last year we did some good things offensively. I think it all started from this time last year where we had a little bit of a chip on our shoulder — people weren't expecting us to do much. And now it's kind of the other way around. And [we] have to keep that same work ethic and mentality of the underdog, or whatever you want to call it. Just keep working every day and don't take anything for granted."

While the addition of wide receiver Brandin Cooks will have a significant effect on Goff's upcoming season, the quarterback said he feels like the three big-name defensive additions should be able to aid in his development as well.

"Hopefully those guys can help us win and help keep other teams to lower scores and ultimately help our offense. But I'm excited to see them out there," Goff said. "I'm excited to get to work with them in practice, get to go against Marcus and Talib there a bunch and even Ndamukong up front. Just get a chance to pick their brains as much as I can and try to learn from them, and at the same time look to good competition."

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