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Goff Learning New Offense Quickly, Exhibiting Quality Leadership

There's a clear learning curve for any player learning his second offensive system in just two years in the NFL. That curve might be even steeper for a quarterback.

But by all accounts, Jared Goff has done quite well in picking up head coach Sean McVay's offensive scheme during the Rams' 2017 offseason program.

"It's a way different offense. Personally, from my brief experience with it, I've had a quicker time learning it — easier time learning it," Goff said on Monday. "I don't know whether that's scheme or the way it's taught or what not, but I've enjoyed spending time with the coaches and picking it up pretty quickly."

"He's really grasped the offense surprisingly fast, especially for a new guy," offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur said of Goff at rookie minicamp earlier this month. "When you get a new guy in an offense, there is a transition period with that, but he's done a nice job at picking it up at a surprisingly quick pace."

Though the Rams have just begun Phase III of the offseason program with OTAs, Goff's progress has been encouraging for the coaching staff.

"I think he's done a nice job just getting better every single day," McVay said on Monday. "We know that anytime you're not truly live in some of these periods, it's always a little bit more difficult. I thought he's done a nice job managing the huddle, got in and out today. He's seeing some things, progressing through based on what coverages we're seeing."

Part of that growth is likely due to the way McVay sets up his offense. The head coach has often said he wants to make the hardest position on the field — quarterback — as easy to play as possible. Goff said he's been able to sense that through his work learning the scheme with fellow quarterback Sean Mannion.

"There's a lot of things that may have been on our plate before aren't now. But, there's also some things that are. It goes back and forth," Goff said. "Obviously, it's still a tough position but he's done a good job in the past and with me and Sean so far. He's taken a lot off of our plate."

In addition to Goff's growth on the field, he's also been making strides off it. Coaches and players have both praised the quarterback for his leadership during the offseason program. Goff said Monday it's all part of being the signal-caller, but the most important thing he does is try to be himself.

"I've developed leadership skills since I was seven-years-old playing the position," Goff said. "I've tried different things. I'm growing as a person, as a player and as a leader, so everything is always evolving."

"I think there's different types of ways that guys lead, but what resonates with players is if you're genuine and authentic about it. I think he's got a nice way of just being himself and guys naturally gravitate towards him from what I've seen so far," McVay said.

One example came during rookie minicamp, when Goff was seen observing the first practice. At the time, LaFleur credited the quarterback for taking a step to encourage players who were coming in.

"That's more so for myself to just learn and be around the guys as much as I can. I don't know if I'm consciously thinking about what it looks like — I want to do it just to be here," Goff said. "The rookie day, I just wanted to see the rookies. I didn't really have anything to do here. I got a little treatment and figured I would watch the receivers to see what we got. But yes, I just try to be around as much as possible."

"He's always one of the first people in here. He's definitely always the last person out," running back Todd Gurley said. "He's just been doing a great job, just learning every day, getting better, in there with the coaches, attention to detail. Then just trying to make sure everybody else is on top of their game as well. He's been doing a great job, doing what a quarterback is supposed to do. He's going to lead this team."

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