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Gurley Making Most of Second Trip to Pro Bowl

ORLANDO — Things were a little bit different in Todd Gurley's first trip to the Pro Bowl.

After the running back's rookie season in 2015, he and the rest of the league's All-Stars jetted off to Hawaii for the week of festivities — which included a draft for teams of mixed conferences.

And there were moments back then that left Gurley a bit wide eyed.

"Ain't no doubt about it," he said on Thursday.  "That was the thing I remember from my rookie year. I'm just sitting there [in a stance] and I'm like, 'Dang, Russell Wilson is my quarterback.'"

Wilson is a Pro Bowl quarterback once again just as Gurley is here representing his position. But even aside from being in Orlando with teams divided by conference, the experience has changed for the league's 2017 leader in touchdowns.

"I'm not new to this. I'm just happy I got the chance to go to Hawaii. Now, I can act like I'm old — I can be like, 'Yeah man, I went to the Pro Bowl back when it was in Hawaii. It's in Orlando now,'" Gurley said with a laugh. "But it's cool, man. I'm having a good time and everybody has been enjoying themselves."

Gurley has been doing so with five of his teammates this year, which is another change from the running back's first All-Star game two years ago.

"Everybody is getting to experience it, so that's always good. You're happy for guys, just for making it," Gurley said.  "It's the best of the best. It's the Pro Bowl. It's something that everybody always dreams of going to and we're here."

One aspect of the week that been mentioned by a number of Rams over the last few days is how the players can learn from one another in this setting. And even after leading the league in yards from scrimmage, total touchdowns, and rushing touchdowns, Gurley feels like there's plenty to gain from the All-Stars around him.

"You can learn something from everybody. Might as well, you're right here in the same environment. So why not soak it up with guys if they're willing to give you free knowledge? Just ask questions," Gurley said. "We're all here to help, have fun, and help everybody get better for next year."

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