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How Quinn's Tackle for Loss Became a Sack

Midway through the fourth quarter of last Sunday's game against the Cardinals, outside linebacker Robert Quinn tackled quarterback Blaine Gabbert behind the line of scrimmage.

Usually when that happens, it's unquestionably a sack. But in this case, the University of Phoenix Stadium's official scorer apparently saw things a bit differently.

Gabbert had technically fumbled the snap. And a lot of times, when that happens the quarterback turns into a runner.

But in this case, if you look at the play, Gabbert fields the ball and clearly loads back up into a passing stance. So if it looks like a sack — is that enough for it to be considered a sack?

Apparently yes. Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips tweeted on Wednesday that the league had changed the play from a tackle for loss to a sack.

"We looked the play-by-play, and Robert Quinn wasn't credited for a sack on that play. And so we go through the Elias league statisticians, call them and say, 'Hey, shouldn't this be [a sack?] Because the guys at the games sometimes make a mistake. And so in this case, they did," Phillips said on Thursday. "It's just if they make a mistake, especially if a player is involved where sacks are important, certainly, for a defensive lineman. And just getting it right. So he deserved it, he got it."

"Well you know I just think that goes to show you the type of person that Wade is," Quinn said. "He's great at calling plays, great at running the defense and great at his Twitter and getting his players the stats they they deserve. So, I think Wade is just a Hall of Famer in everything he does and luckily he's a part of our team and organization and we get to have a little fun with him."

Quinn had another sack in that game late in the fourth quarter, giving him 5.5 on the year. With the change, it also marked Quinn's first multi-sack game since Week 1 of the 2015 season when he got to Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson twice.

But even though sacks often translate into dollar signs for defensive players, Quinn apparently really wasn't upset about the initial ruling.

"I don't think he noticed at first," defensive lineman Michael Brockers said. "I honestly thought it was a sack, so for me I'm like, 'Oh yeah you had two sacks.' And then they were like, 'Oh no it's not a sack.' I don't know, in my mind he had two sacks so the whole time I didn't know he only had one. In my mind he always had two."

"I didn't care. Why? Because we won," Quinn said. "I mean, in a situation where I was — and you know I love to get my stats, I love my sacks — but you know that was just a funny situation. But at the end of the day, I got it. So shoulda, coulda, woulda, it don't matter it's on the stat sheet now."

Phillips has also been on the receiving end of a bunch of gratitude from strangers.

"I've gotten I don't know how many tweets back [that say], 'Thank you very much because I got another point in fantasy football and won my league.' One said he's going to name his first-born son after me. I said, 'OK, you're going to name him coach,'" Phillips said with a chuckle.

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