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In Their Own Words: Marcus Peters on What He Brings to Los Angeles

There's no question that the Rams acquired one of the best, young cornerbacks in the league this offseason when they traded for Marcus Peters. In just three seasons, the cornerback has been named to the Pro Bowl twice and was a first-team All-Pro in 2016. Since entering the league, no player has more interceptions (19) or passes defensed (55) than Peters.

And while stats can be very telling of what the Rams will be adding to their backfield this season, numbers don't

necessarily tell the whole story. That's why asked Peters how he would define himself as a player and what unique skill set he brings to Los Angeles.

Here is Marcus Peters in his own words:

On how he would describe himself as a player:

"Unique. It's going to be what it's going to be. I've got so many different styles that I can bring to the game. That's what makes me unique, is that you don't know what I'm going to do to you... I bring a lot of juice. That's what I do — I bring my juice and I love to have fun. I'm going to have fun doing it if I've got some other players who love to have fun, too."

On what the L.A. fans are getting in a player like Peters:

"Being from Oakland, it's always you look at L.A. as being Hollywood. And for the Rams making the transition here, it's been a easy transition. I'm a fan of football and I've been watching the team grow and where exactly they want to go. It's just for me to bring my personality, to bring my energy — the way I play the game — it's going to be perfect."

On what excites Peters most about being an L.A. Ram:

"Just the atmosphere of what we're about to start creating and building here. I'm a football player, but I'm also a fan of the game so I watch other teams and I watch other people. I see how much fun guys were having last year here. It's going to be a big party."

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