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Kupp Expresses Confidence in Goff's Leadership

Wide receiver Cooper Kupp is tired of the speculation surrounding quarterback Jared Goff's leadership abilities.

Throughout OTAs, many outside the building have crafted storyline after storyline about the third-year quarterback's growth as he enters the third year of his professional career. But this week, Kupp wanted to set the record straight.

"I think people want to continue to say and you're going to continue to hear people say, 'he's growing as a

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leader, he's developing as a leader,' but I think it's time just to stop that and say it

how it is," Kupp told "He is a leader of this team."

Last season, Goff showed impressive development under head coach Sean McVay — throwing for 3,804 passing yards and 28 touchdowns. His production on the field was also characterized by a growth in confidence.

And as the Rams head into mandatory minicamp next week, Kupp says that Goff has only continued that progression, leading the unit through a strong offseason program.

"He is our quarterback and he leads this offense," the wideout said. "It's time to put those away and call it for what it is. He is a leader and guys respect him. They want to play for him. He's grown into that and has commanded it."

But it's not just Kupp who has seen Goff take more control in his second year as the starting signal caller. McVay has also been impressed by the quarterback's progress.

"[H]e's just so refreshingly comfortable in his own skin, and I think that resonates with the players," McVay recently told "He's truly taking command and he's really a true leader on this team just by being himself. And that's what you feel good about. And we're in good hands with him leading the way, but he'll be the first to tell you — as will I — that we've got a lot of work to do and we've got to get better every day."

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