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L.A. Stadium Premiere Center Opens in Playa Vista

Check out new LASED renderings and shots of the LA Stadium Premiere Center, which was recently unveiled to the media.

For fans of both the Rams and Chargers, Tuesday provided a sneak peak into the future home of professional football here in Los Angeles — The L.A. Stadium and Entertainment District at Hollywood Park. Visitors were welcomed just five miles down the road to Playa Vista, where the L.A. Stadium Premiere Center opened its doors to visitors for the very first time.

The Premiere Center is an 11,000 square foot showcase for the 298-acre sports and entertainment district currently being developed at Hollywood Park. In the three years leading up to its grand opening, set for September of 2020, the Premiere Center will provide guests with an interactive opportunity to explore and experience the unique features of what promises to be one of the most state-of-the-art professional sports venues in the world.

The Center is unique in that it will offer guests the ability to virtually place themselves into and around the stadium on a Rams or Chargers gameday. It will also let you experience what the surrounding district, comprised of a 6,000-seat performance venue, office and retail spaces, hotel rooms, parks, and dining areas will look like.

Technology is integrated throughout the center from the moment you enter the 4th floor office space and includes 52 screens and 107,827,200 pixels of digital real estate. A video tunnel made up of 20 screens with higher resolution than that of an IMAX movie plays a two-minute hype video while a 1,000 square foot campus model gives visitors the opportunity to analyze each and every square foot of the new development. In the suite experience, screens processing more than 2.3 billion pixels per second give potential buyers an in-depth look at the view from their suite and the chance to look around the venue with 360 degree outlooks.

The Premiere Center currently features seven different displays aimed at completely immersing guests into a venue that will eventually house the 2022 Super Bowl and the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2028 Olympic Games. For more information on the various aspects, check out the list below:

  • The *Lobby *features a reception desk is based on the shape of a wave, taking its inspiration from the stadium roof and a showcase for guests to learn more about the project and for walk-ups to submit their information.
  • The *Tunnel *room features a video that gives a preview of the stadium and district experience, from NFL games to concerts, restaurants and parks.
  • The *Model *room features a 25' x 40' acrylic model that integrates interactive projection mapping to provide visitors a full view of the entire 298-acre campus.
  • The Discussion Gallery features five open-air pods each equipped with a digital presentation to provide greater details about features of the stadium.
  • The Suite Experience leverages technology to showcase seven different suite possibilities in one setting. A massive, curved screen features a 360-degree look at each suite configuration as well as a view of what the field will look like from each suite.
  • The Presentation Room features a custom designed table that features elements of the stadium design, high tech AV and large displays for group presentations.
  • The Event Space is an indoor-outdoor hospitality area, evoking one of the iconic elements the new stadium and of Southern California. The space features a four-box live feed of construction happening on site so guests can monitor progress at Hollywood Park.

Prospective suite buyers and partners interested in visiting the LA Stadium Premiere Center should visit to submit their information. As it is an invite-only space, visitors must schedule an appointment in advance.

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