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McVay Continues to Expand Playbook


After travelling for two-straight road games, the Rams players and coaching staff were undoubtedly ready to unwind during the bye week. And even self-admitted workaholic head coach Sean McVay said he was able to "stay home and relax for a couple of days."

But football was never far from his mind.

"I was able to relax, get away," McVay said Monday. "[But] you enjoy sitting around watching some football and kind of feeling like a fan. That's what we did [on Sunday]."

During the regular work week, McVay doesn't have much time to watch games for pleasure. But by viewing games on Sunday, McVay said he was able to admire the creativity of several different coaches in the NFL.

And when asked whether he can pull any ideas from those teams, the head coach was quick to say, "absolutely," as long as it "fits within the framework of how we want to operate."

"To not have an idea of what's going on and what certain teams are doing to attack coverages or what fits based on the way we're utilizing some of our personnel," McVay said. "On a week-to-week basis, there's definitely things that you see that you're like, 'Alright that would work with us and it would be a nice counter to some of the things that we've shown or would be a good way to feature a guy's skillset.'"

McVay has admitted to pulling from other teams in the past, including a huge play in the Week 4 matchup against the Cowboys — one he says he first saw from the Chiefs against the Patriots, and then the Patriots against the Saints.

Los Angeles put wide receiver Tavon Austin in motion on a jet sweep fake, before quarterback Jared Goff delivered a pass down the seam to running back Todd Gurley for a 53-yard touchdown. 

"It was a great play," McVay told the Orange County Register earlier this month. "It fits with what we do because of Tavon Austin's ability, the same way Kansas City uses Tyreek Hill. Then, New England made it work because it stresses some of the coverage that New Orleans plays."

And now, McVay will get his chance to use some new ideas starting on Wednesday, when the Rams ease back into their preparation week for the Giants.

In formulating his plan for the players coming off of the bye, McVay relied heavily on head trainer Reggie Scott and the rest of his staff. His main priority? Developing a game plan that would work best for all 53 players on the roster. 

"I think it's been good so far, but what we wanted to try to do was just get them back in the building, get them exposed to a little bit of the Giants on Monday," he said. "And then really make sure that when we come back on Wednesday, we return to the kind of a normal standard operating procedure. That's what we'll do and I think the guys handled it pretty well so far this year."

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