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McVay: "Let's look at where your role and responsibility is, let's attack it to the best of your ability"

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – The disappointment and sting of a 3-game losing streak are certainly felt, but Rams head coach Sean McVay refuses to let that negatively change the way they prepare.

To that end, McVay likes what he's seeing around the team facility this week.

"There's so many different things that go on, but everybody's got a role and a responsibility," McVay said after Wednesday's practice. "I think the challenge right now is let's look at where your role and responsibility is, let's attack it to the best of your ability, let's do it with a resilient and a positive mindset and mentality with our eyes forward on the next opportunity that we do have."

The Rams held a walkthrough Wednesday and received positive news on the injury front, with running back Darrell Henderson Jr. and wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Ben Skowronek expected to be available for Sunday.

On defense, outside linebacker Von Miller had plenty of optimism about what lies ahead for the Rams as the navigate the rest of the regular season.

For his unit, he has faith in the pass rush playing to its potential based on what he's seen so far. He said it's something where "you have to keep going at it."

"If you watch closely, man, we were getting really, really, really good rushes, and I'm excited, man," Miller said, referring to Week 12. "It's just taking a little bit more time than I anticipated. We wanted to come in and have a sack party, the first game we got back. It doesn't happen like that, it's pro sports, but I still got all the money on the Rams, I still got all the money on this Rams rush. I'm really excited to see what we do in the future."

Meanwhile, quarterback Matthew Stafford has trust in McVay to get the offense back on track. When asked if rhythmic plays could at times help the offense sustain drives, Stafford mentioned faith in McVay's adjustments and it being on the players to execute.

"I think every game kind of plays out different and what the defense has given us," Stafford said. "Sean has probably the best feel I've ever been around in game of how the defense is getting called and what we know they're trying to do to attack us. And so, if he feels and our coaches feel like the best thing for us to do is go fast right now. We're going to go fast. If they feel like the best thing we're going to do is slow it down and run play action, we're going to do that. So, I have all the faith and trust in the world in our coaches and in Sean to get us into what's going to help us be as successful as possible."

McVay said they don't want to minimize what's occurred over the last three games, but "these opportunities present a rare opportunity to really learn about people, and you almost appreciate them even more in the way that our guys came in today."

"The way that our guys came in today, the look in their eye, the excitement about the next opportunity," McVay said. "Are we disappointed? Does it sting what has gone on? Absolutely. Those are real emotions, but what we're not going to do is just sit there with our head down and not get ourselves ready to prepare for that next opportunity. That's what our guys are going to do."

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