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McVay: Raiders Getting Great Coach, Great Leader in Gruden

After the conclusion of the Chiefs-Titans game on Saturday afternoon, the Raiders officially announced the expected — Jon Gruden is leaving the booth at ESPN to once again become Oakland's head coach.

Rams head coach Sean McVay has often said how Gruden has been a mentor throughout the course of his young coaching career, especially considering Gruden hired McVay right out of college to be an offensive assistant in 2008.

So what are the Raiders getting back in Gruden?

"Great coach. Great coach, great motivator, great leader, great teacher in terms of just understanding the big picture," McVay said Sunday.

While Gruden has clearly stayed around the game as a broadcaster on ESPN, he still hasn't been a head coach in the league since 2008. For that reason, McVay said he's curious as to what schemes Gruden will run in Oakland.

"I was talking to a couple people and when I talk to him I'll be interested to see, will he run the same offense that he was running when I got a chance to work with him in Tampa or will he now implement some of the different things that he's had a chance to kind of continue to get exposure to over the last handful of years," McVay said.

The Rams will face the Raiders at some point next season in Oakland. While the full schedule won't be released for another couple months, McVay did somewhat lament the fact that he'll have to take on his mentor in 2018.

"Either way, hate the fact that the we'll have to go against him next year," McVay said. 'It will be fun, but he's a great coach and you see why Oakland is so excited about being able to get him back to the Raiders."

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