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Ogletree Optimistic about Prognosis after Elbow Injury

Before we go any further, let's get something straight about middle linebacker Alec Ogletree's elbow injury.

"For the record, it wasn't on the touchdown for sure," Ogletree said, referring to the timing of his injury.

Yes, Ogletree flipped into the end zone at the end of his pick six in the first quarter. And yes, Ogletree left the game after suffering what he told the media was a hyperextended elbow. But the two instances were not related.

If you watch the replay, Ogletree lands his flip on his right side. The injury was to his left elbow. And Ogletree said it occurred on the next series.

"I was on a tackle and got hit on it — a little friendly fire," Ogletree said, meaning he got hit by a teammate. "So it happens, it's a part of the game. And gotta get some treatment and stuff to see where we go from here."

There has been no official word from the team as to Ogletree's availability in the coming weeks. But the middle linebacker — who has not missed a game since suffering a lower-leg fracture in 2015 — sounded optimistic about the possibility of playing next Sunday.

"Right now, it's looking up to be ready for next week. I'm going to see what they say tomorrow," Ogletree said. "But right now, it's just going to take a lot of treatment."

After suffering the injury, Ogletree said he was in a significant amount of pain and couldn't really use his arm to try to tackle.

"I wish I didn't go back out there because I didn't feel like I was any good to be back out there, and they were definitely running right at me and I couldn't use my arm," Ogletree said. "I let my ego get in the way a little bit, I would say."

But the Georgia product did eventually come out, and reserve linebacker Bryce Hager played admirably in Ogletree's stead as the defensive signal-caller. Hager finished with a tackle, a quarterback hit, and a pass defensed.

"He did a tremendous job of coming in and filling in the rest of the game," Ogletree said. "And definitely extremely proud of him for what he did and all the hard work he does, and it showed today."

"I thought he did a very nice job. Got the calls, got the communication handled the right way," head coach Sean McVay said. "Hopefully we'll be able to get Alec back, but very pleased for Bryce."

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