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Practice Report: With Roster Cuts on the Horizon, Rams Get Set for Packers

Check out photos from Rams practice prior to their preseason matchup with the Packers.

The Rams' concluded a two hour full-padded session on Tuesday afternoon, capping off their practice week before the team heads to Green Bay for the final matchup of the preseason.


The regular season is just a few days away and Los Angeles' projected starters have already played in their last preseason game. Now, all that stands between the Rams and their regular season opener on Sept. 10 is a final exhibition contest against the Packers and the looming roster cut happening this weekend.

Thursday night will represent head coach Sean McVay's last chance to evaluate the current players on his roster in game action. Once the team returns home, more than half of its roster will be trimmed down to the NFL-mandated number of 53.

As such, Thursday gives one final opportunity for many players that would not normally receive ample playing time to impress coaches or add extra game film to their tapes should they not end up sticking with the Rams.  

"I think it's going to offer a great opportunity to see a lot of players that, at some point just based on the way an NFL season goes, we'll probably be relying on, where they'll start out maybe providing depth but you never know what ends up happening," McVay said. "[And] I think it offers the unique opportunity for a handful of guys that would've been cut, to be able to put some good game film on tape. If it doesn't work out for us, hopefully it will work out for one of the other 31 teams."

After practice on Tuesday, McVay said the afternoon session was competitive, featuring an added workload for those players who will not take the field in Green Bay.

"Today was a good day for us," he said. "Tomorrow we'll get a walk thru and give those guys an opportunity to really be able to evaluate the guys we aren't projecting as starters and kind of shape up the bottom of this roster."

Thursday night's game kicks off at 4 p.m. For more information on how to watch, click here.


Although quarterback Jared Goff and running back Todd Gurley will not play in the preseason finale and hold solidified spots on the roster, both served an important role in today's practice — setting the tone for many of the other players currently on that roster bubble.

"It's cool just being able to be in the position I am," Gurley said. "But at the end of the day these young guys are trying to make the team and take my spot, so you gotta help those guys out. We're all a team at the end of the day. But my thing is setting the tempo and showing everybody just how it's done, this is how you work."

Having been through a cut day before,  both are familiar with the 53-man roster cut. And though Gurley and Goff each pointed out the difficulty in saying goodbye to almost half of their current teammates, they also emphasized the nature of the NFL as a business.

"You don't really think about that too much when you're out here honestly, we're just a bunch of guys. Obviously we have 90 out there and we're going to get to 53 and then practice squad guys," Goff said. "Mathematically we're going to lose some guys. It sucks but at the same time it happens every year and you try to get used to it, but you don't really. You understand it's part of the game."

"It's always tough seeing all those guys go, but everything is going to work out for everybody if you just keep working hard," Gurley said. "Most guys don't even get cut just because they didn't have a good preseason — it's a numbers game. So just make sure you try to talk to those guys, keep in touch with them and just tell them to keep grinding."

While 37 players will ultimately be cut from the roster by Saturday, Gurley said he has been impressed throughout the preseason with all of the talent and hard work within the organization.

"Everybody is one of the best players that was on their team in college," Gurley said. "They're here for a reason and [they've] been doing a great job."

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