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Rams Answer: "What is your first Super Bowl memory?"

As the Rams get ready for Super Bowl LIII, players answered a few select questions — like their first memory of the big game, and what the Super Bowl means to them. In this installment of Rams Answer, players respond to the question, "What's your first Super Bowl memory?"

"I've been watching the Super Bowl since forever, I can remember. The one that really sticks out in my mind is when Ben Roethlisberger hit Santonio Holmes in the corner of the end zone against the Cardinals. I don't know what Super Bowl number it was, but that's kind of the one I'll always remember."


"I don't remember what exact Super Bowl, I just remember being with my family in Pittsburgh, everybody cooking out, joined together and watching the Steelers. That James Harrison play when he got that pick and ran it for about 100 yards or whatever it was and scored a touchdown. That's when I was like, one day hopefully I can play in the big dance and make a big play like that."


"Yeah, just watching first Super Bowl, Ravens and Giants back in 2001 — back-to-back kickoff returns. And I remember, you know, my dad saying we didn't have to go to school the next day if the Ravens won and they ended up winning."


"The Super Bowl party that my dad threw for us, Cowboys vs. Steelers, Cowboys scored, we popped yellow and black balloons, the Steelers scored, they were popping blue and white — or silver balloons or whatever — it was a dope Super Bowl party it was my first one and I kind of fell in love with the Cowboys then."


"Honestly, bro, y'all are gonna think this is a story — I swear to god, this is not a story. So I'm in Houston. I'm a Houston kid. I'm watching the Patriots versus St. Louis Rams. I'm watching that game. I'm going for the St. Louis Rams — I mean, I didn't know nothing about football, I didn't know nothing about Patriots. I saw the St. Louis Rams — they were talking about their scoring and stuff. I'm a little kid — [I like] touchdowns. I'm watching that game. I'm so pissed off at Tom Brady, and the kicker [Adam] Vinatieri. That was crazy. That was my first Super Bowl memory. And it's surreal that I'm in this game and I'm playing right now. So that story is crazy. And, no, I did not make that up — that is true."


"As a kid growing up, I was not a football fan — I was more a fútbol fan, playing soccer as a little kid. So I don't really have too many childhood memories. But probably the biggest memory that comes to note for me is Michael Strahan winning his Super Bowl. Having had a good relationship with him and just as recent as this past Sunday, having a conversation before that game was very good for me. And I remember him winning his."