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Rams Answer: "When did it sink in that you were going to the Super Bowl?" 

As the Rams get ready for Super Bowl LIII, players answered a few select questions — like their first memory of the big game, and what the Super Bowl means to them. In this installment of Rams Answer, players respond to the question, "When did it sink in that you were going to the Super Bowl?"

"It sank in for me as soon as 'Greg the Leg' hit that kick. It was over, I knew we were going to the Super Bowl, it was super exciting."


"Probably soon after the game when I realized, alright we actually did this. We knew going into that Saints game that if we win this, we're going to the Super Bowl. And when Greg made that field goal, it made it all real."


"I don't know, man. I guess when I saw the trophy, and everybody in the locker room, we were celebrating. And you just finally realize, like, we made it. It didn't really hit you on the field. I feel like on the field, you're just celebrating. But once you think about, like…we're going to the Bowl. We're one of the last two teams left. So, yeah, it's surreal."


"The feeling for me setting in that we were going to the Super Bowl really didn't happen until I got on the plane on our way back from New Orleans thinking about, alright, who's all coming? All the family, friends, those different pieces. Because, obviously, when Greg knocked the field goal down and we won, I was just so elated to be a champion. So NFC champion — that was my biggest focus. And understanding that, and soaking that in with my family and teammates and coaches and what not."


"Probably as soon as I saw the kick go in. I was just in shock, repeating, 'We are in the Super Bowl, we are in the Super Bowl' and just running and celebrating with my teammates and still repeating it. Just celebrating with the guys, just the joy of getting to that point — it still feels surreal."