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Rams Awarded 2017 Compensatory Draft Selections


The Los Angeles Rams were awarded two compensatory picks on Friday.

Round 3, Pick 100
Round 4, Pick 141

Based on the Compensatory Draft System's net loss formula, the Rams were awarded a third round pick for the loss of Janoris Jenkins and a fourth round pick for the loss of Rodney McLeod.

The Rams will send the third round compensatory pick (100 overall) to Tennessee and regain their original third round selection (69 overall) which was traded to Tennessee for the No. 1 pick in 2016.

The Rams also have a seventh round selection (236 overall) from Baltimore in a 2015 trade for wide receiver Chris Givens.

Compensatory Draft System's net loss formula explanation:

Thirty-two Compensatory Selections have been awarded to Clubs based upon the Compensatory Draft System's net loss formula. Under the system, Clubs that suffer a net loss of Compensatory Free Agents ("CFA") during the prior free agency signing period are eligible to receive a corresponding number of Compensatory Selections in the following year's Draft, up to a maximum of four selections. No Compensatory Selections may be awarded prior to the final regular selection in round three of the Draft.

The level of compensation (i.e., the round and selection number within the round) that the Prior Club receives for each CFA lost is based upon a weighted combination of the CFA's average yearly compensation, postseason honors and playtime with the New Club, ranked against all players in the League who are on rosters at the end of the season.

Article 6 (College Draft), Section 2(a) of the Collective Bargaining Agreement limits the number of Compensatory Draft Selections to the number of Clubs then in the League (32). This year, four Clubs: the Los Angeles Rams (one pick), the Green Bay Packers (one pick), the Pittsburgh Steelers (two picks), and the Arizona Cardinals (three picks) qualified for Compensatory Selections under the net loss formula, but will not receive those picks because the final numerical values of the CFAs who were lost by those Clubs ranked 33rd through 39th among the final numerical values of all Compensatory Selections. Each of those four Clubs will receive Compensatory Selections for other CFA's lost whose final numerical values ranked within the top 32.

Full List of Rams 2017 Draft Picks:
Round 2, Pick 37
Round 3, Pick 69
Round 4, Pick 112
Round 4, Pick 141 (Compensatory)
Round 5, Pick 149
Round 6, Pick 191
Round 7, Pick 225
Round 7, Pick 236 (From Baltimore in 2015 Chris Givens trade)

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