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Kobie Turner on life as an NFL rookie, how he took a chance on himself as a walk-on at Richmond & what he has learned playing alongside Aaron Donald | Featured on Rams Revealed Ep. 106

The largest draft class in modern Rams history is already making a significant impact on the 2023 season.

No NFL rookie receiver has ever started faster than Puka Nacua. Left guard Steve Avila looks like a grand slam selection, entrenched as a starter on the offensive line. Byron Young continues to build his arsenal of pass rush moves on the edge – most recently earning a strip-sack of Cardinals quarterback Joshua Dobbs. And in the trenches, Kobie Turner just played a career-high snap count in the win over Arizona.


The 24-year old defensive tackle was our guest on Rams Revealed this week, and Turner discussed how the friendships within the Class of 2023 have helped them get acclimated to life in the NFL.

A product of six college seasons (five at Richmond, a graduate year at Wake Forest), Turner trained with Young in anticipation of making the leap to the pros.

Take a look at photos of new Rams defensive lineman Kobie Turner from his time at Wake Forest.

"When I got the call on draft night, (Young) was the first person that I called, after being able to celebrate with the family," Turner said.

"I'm really, really tight with Steve (Avila)," he continued. "We'll just sit down in the locker room after practice and have conversations for like 30 minutes to an hour. And then I'll go back and text my fiancé, 'Sorry! I was talking to Steve again.'

"And she's like, 'I know'," Turner relayed with a laugh.

Those early bonds extend to many of the rookies and their significant others, as it turns out.

"I'm pretty tight with (tight end) Davis Allen and Puka, as well. And our girlfriends/wives/fiancés have gotten together, too. They all enjoy each other's company, so there are some nights where we'll all go out to dinner. There are some nights on away games where they'll have a little sleepover. So, being able to have a really talented rookie class, but a rookie class that's down to earth and that's really fun to be around and the partners that they've chosen, as well… just makes this whole experience a lot better and a lot more comfortable."

You can catch the rest of our conversation with the talented musician known as "The Conductor" on this week's show. We discuss his talents off the field, the win over the Cardinals, pass-rushing in tandem with Aaron Donald, and his incredible rise from unrecruited FCS walk-on to NFL starter.

Rams Revealed is available on YouTube as well as on your preferred podcast platform.

Turner and this rookie class continue a three-game homestand on Sunday at SoFi Stadium against the Pittsburgh Steelers. They'll be looking to win back-to-back games for the first time as professionals. Get tickets here!

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