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Rams Latino Heritage Month Staff Showcase: Rodolfo Galván-Rivera

In honor of Latino Heritage Month, the Rams will celebrate the contributions and achievements of the Latin community through the inspiring stories of their staff.

We continue that celebration spotlighting Studio Producer Rodolfo Galván-Rivera.


Being a part of the Latino community is all Rodolfo Galvan-Rivera knows, and it's played an important role in molding him as a person.

"From living the first 30 years of my life in Mexico to moving to a city filled with people from all over Latin America, that is what has shaped me into who I am today," Galván-Rivera said. "Almost every aspect of who I am is tied to the love and pride of my Latino roots and my upbringing."

That includes his role as Studio Producer for the Rams.

Galván-Rivera started with the organization in 2020 and his role has changed a lot since then. Since he was hired during the COVID-19 pandemic, he couldn't work as a studio producer right away, but he was able to create content in Spanish since Day 1. Besides those two aspects of his job, he's capable of producing all types of videos, from in-game to helmet off.

"I'm about to start my third season with the team, and I'm happy and proud that we make more content for our Spanish speaking audience, and that we have a brand-new studio where we can create pieces that make our fans feel closer to the team," Galván-Rivera said.

Along those same lines, that connection to the fan base is what Galván-Rivera said is the best part of his job. He also said his biggest motivation is a mix of his wife, family and him trying to be better than the previous day.

"Even if it sounds cliche, I really enjoy creating content for fans that share one of my biggest passions, football," Galván-Rivera said. "Being able to make a video that can resonate with our audience is just something that puts a smile on my face. And being able to produce with talented people like the ones across the organization is an outstanding thing."

Galván-Rivera experienced this first-hand this summer when he was part of the Rams' trip to Mexico as part of their trophy tour with the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

"This is a proud and happy moment in my career," Galván-Rivera said. "Growing up as an NFL fan in Mexico, I always had dreams for the league and teams to get closer to my country. And being able to help the Rams do that is a dream come true. I am privileged to be part of an organization that really cares about Mexican fans and they are actively trying to strengthen the ties between the Rams and Mexico."

When it comes to celebrating Latino Heritage Month, Galván-Rivera said there's no better way than learning about it.

"It can be through history, art and food, or by talking to a Latin person and ask them about their roots and what they mean to them," Galvan-Rivera said.

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