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Rams Safety Terrell Burgess leads virtual fitness discussion for Exceptional Children's Foundation youth

Last Friday, Los Angeles Rams Safety Terrell Burgess led the first "Friday Fitness Fun" session for Exceptional Children’s Foundation youth and discussed the importance of exercise with Kayne Eras Center students and teachers. During the virtual visit, Burgess shared some of his physical activity and health insights and responded to questions submitted by the participants.

"I think fitness is very important and therapeutic," said Burgess. "Whenever I am not in a good place, working out has always been a way for me to get my mind off things. It's also really good for your health and one of the most amazing things that we have here on earth is life. Life is so important and if you're not healthy, it could lead to problems."

Burgess mentioned his involvement in sports throughout high school and college and how he learned discipline through exercise which helps him maintain a healthy lifestyle and allows him to compete at a high level on the field.

"One thing I learned from one of my college coaches was E + R = O. It stands for 'Event, plus Response equals Outcome.' How you respond to an event is what's going to come out of it."

The students were joined by their teachers and the Kayne Eras Center football coach, Diedrick Joseph, who Burgess recognized while sharing the impact his high school coach had on his football career.

"My high school head coach is probably one of the most influential people I've met in my life," Burgess explained. "I still communicate with him today. He was a great coach but an even better man. He taught me a lot of things about having confidence and applying it to every aspect of my life. I think it helped me become a better person."

Coach Diedrick echoed Burgess' remarks on the importance of health, fitness, and the important role sports can play in the development of youth.

"I'm glad that you have taken some interest in our school and want to teach these kids the importance of fitness and health," said Coach Diedrick to Burgess on the Zoom call. "Encouraging them to take care of themselves, teaching them about the importance of sports in your life, and being able to share with them is awesome."

Kayne Eras Center Principal Joelene Walker also found inspiration in Burgess' story and the ways he put smiles on the student's faces. She informed Burgess that he will have tons of fans at ECF who will be cheering him on next season.

"Thank you for being a role model for all of us, for all of our students, and for so many kids around the world," Walker said to Burgess. "We really appreciate you sharing the struggles that you went through to get to where you are now. You see the smiles on this screen! ECF Kayne Eras will be your cheerleaders every single time you step on that field!"

During the holidays last year, Burgess purchased Christmas gifts for Kayne Eras Center students. Additionally, in October of 2018, Rams players surprised the Kayne Eras Bulldogs youth football team with a visit to one of their practices and provided each player with new cleats.

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