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Rams Sign Everett, Kupp, and Johnson

Check out photos from the Rams top draft picks officially signing their contracts. Photos by Jeff Lewis.

The Rams took care of some remaining offseason business on Friday, signing draftees Gerald Everett, Cooper Kupp, and John Johnson.

Across the NFL, different teams go through various ways of having all of their draft picks sign their first rookie contract. Some like to get it done as soon as possible, having many of the players sign during the weekend of rookie minicamp. Others spread out the relatively simple process throughout Phase II and Phase III of the offseason program.

Los Angeles took care of their second and third-round picks on Friday. Here's what Everett, Kupp, and Johnson had to say upon putting pen to paper.


You've said that you have already fallen in love with the organization. What's made you fall in love with it? "Just the area, and the coaches — the entire environment. It's the love that's around this place, with us just coming back to L.A. from St. Louis. And I just fell in love with this place. And just the scheme of things — of course, myself being a tight end, and just the way we use the position. I just don't see anything but positivity."


What does it mean to you to be a L.A. Ram? "This is incredible. One, my wife loves it down here. I trained down here in Irvine. She loves it down here in SoCal — loves soaking up the sun. So, 'Happy wife, happy life.' So that's a good thing for me already.

"And just to be a part of this program, guys that I grew up watching — Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, Kurt Warner, some of these guys who were just incredible football players. And now being able to be a part of this organization is an incredible feeling."


Is there someone thought about when you signed your first contract? "Definitely my mother and my father. They've stuck with me throughout the whole process, coming out of high school, going to college. And to pay them back for all the sacrifices they made for me, it'll be great."

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