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Los Angeles Rams team up with BIOFLEX®

Bioflex, the makers of world renowned Red Light Therapy (RLT) systems, is pleased to announce it has become an official sponsor of the Los Angeles Rams. As part of the partnership, BIOFLEX's technologies are incorporated into the Rams training and performance management programs.

Established in 1989, BIOFLEX is the industry leader in Laser Light and Red Light Therapy technologies. RLT, also known as photobiomodulation or cold laser, offers a wide range of benefits including pain relief, decreased edema and stiffness, decreased recurrence of injury, increased range of motion, and faster recovery time. RLT is non-invasive, non-toxic, and is currently utilized in many countries world-wide. These benefits make it an ideal therapeutic option for today's high-performing professional athletes.

"Keeping their players on the field and performing at the highest level possible is paramount to the success of any professional sports team," says Nicholas Olteanu, CEO of BIOFLEX. "We're thrilled that the Los Angeles Rams incorporate our product into their performance regimen. This sponsorship agreement is the next step in what we see as a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership."

The BIOFLEX series of RLT systems are the most sophisticated in the field of laser light therapy. They have been used for over 33 years to treat a wide variety of clinical conditions. Dramatic results are often obtained in the treatment of complex and challenging medical conditions that have not been resolved by traditional or conventional therapies.

"As we get ready to kick off another season, we are thrilled to welcome BIOFLEX as an official sponsor," said Los Angeles Rams Chief Commercial Officer Jennifer Prince. "Our Performance Team uses BIOFLEX's product as one component of a best-in-class system of performance management and we are looking forward to expanding our relationship beyond the training room."

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