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Through 7 Games, Goff has Shown Significant Improvement under McVay

Quarterback Jared Goff started seven games as a rookie. The results of those contest weren't what anyone would have wanted — especially considering Los Angeles went 0-7.

But Goff has started seven games in 2017, too, and he's thrived in head coach Sean McVay's scheme. The Cal product is currently No. 7 with 1719 yards passing, he's completing 60 percent of his passes, he has nine touchdowns to just four interceptions, and sports a 90.3 passer rating.

Plus, the quarterback leads a team that's No. 1 in scoring at 30.3 points per game. You likely don't need a reminder, but Los Angeles scored only 14.0 points per game in 2016, generating 10 points or fewer in nine of 16 games.

"I think really he's done a good job of improving throughout this first part of the season," McVay said of Goff this week. "I think he's gotten better and better. I think that anytime that you're able to learn from your experiences both good and bad, you're going to give yourself a chance to for growth."

Goff has done just that over the course of the season. For instance, in the Week 2 contest against Washington, Goff threw an interception to start what could've been a game-tying offensive series. A few weeks later against Seattle, Goff nearly led Los Angeles to a last-minute victory, delivering multiple accurate passes to bring the offense into scoring territory.

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And the young quarterback continues to recognize where he can make improvements, as illustrated in his postgame comments after Sunday's 33-0 victory over the Cardinals in London.

"I would say that I thought I took care of the ball well besides the one play," Goff said, referring to his interception. "That play is one that's going to stick with me and bother me for a little while, because it was just a dumb play. Dumb throw. Something I can't do there. We would have been turnover free without that, I believe. So that's one that I would like to have back."

But even when those negative plays happen, McVay has said he's been particularly impressed with Goff's ability to come back in a positive manner.

"The one thing that I really have been impressed with with Jared is he takes things so well when they don't always go our way," McVay said. "You look at the way that he responded after we turned the ball over the other day, he responds with a great 16-play drive, had a couple good third-down conversions there where he's throwing the football and [making] good decisions. I think he's really doing a great job."

The emergence of the Rams' ground game with running back Todd Gurley has also clearly aided Goff and the rest of the unit.

"Whenever he's getting going it obviously helps our whole offense," Goff said. "I love handing off the ball and letting him run. There's nothing better than that — letting him go. Then, obviously, it opens up the pass rush a lot more. So any time we can get him going, we want to. And I think it's a testament to the guys up front ultimately — I think he would say the same thing. It's nice having the holes he's having now and him doing the rest."

But McVay gave credit to Goff as well for the way the run game has been handled. And that's part of what the head coach wants to continue to see as the season goes on.

"I think sometimes there's things that take place where it might just be his handling of the run game that you can't always appreciate that might not show up on the stats," McVay said. "But I think he's just continuing to take an ownership on our offense. We talk about being an extension of the coaching staff and I think he is truly starting to become that.

"But, he's only going to continue to grow and get better," McVay continued. "And in terms of where we want him to be, I think we just want him to just continue to take those daily steps and he's done that and been receptive."

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