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TRANSCRIPT: DT Tanzel Smart Draft Day Conference Call

Rams DT Tanzel Smart – Draft Day Conference Call – April 29, 2017

(On his contact with the Rams prior to the draft)
"I know me and (Rams Defensive Line) Coach Billy Johnson really kicked it off with a conversation. He told me he believed in me and he told me he could get me up there if he could."

(On his thoughts of joining a prominent defensive line with DT Aaron Donald and OLB Robert Quinn)
"It means the world to me. A player like Aaron Donald and Quinn, I really want to learn a lot from Aaron Donald. I'm just glad I'm in that situation to play and learn from those guys."

(On what skill set he brings to the Rams)
"To tell the truth, I'm bringing the same skillset that all of those guys have. I'm going to hop in. I'm going to play my roll and anywhere that coach wants me to play, I'll do it."

(On his experience at the Senior Bowl)
"The Senior Bowl was pretty good. I talked to pretty much everyone. It was good going against all of that competition. It was a blessing."

(On if he's ever been to Southern California)
"No sir, this is going to be my first time in California."

(On his excitement)
"I'm excited. I'm real excited. I'm ready to come to work."

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