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TRANSCRIPT: McVay and LaFleur Press Conference 10-6


Head Coach Sean McVay – Media Availability – October 6, 2017**

(Opening Statement)
"Wrapped up a good week of preparation today. From an injury standpoint, (G) Jamon Brown was limited with his groin, but he'll be questionable for the game. Feel good about that, though. And then Lamarcus Joyner, he was out, we were holding him out today, he's doubtful for the game. Those are the only two."

(On his sense for how S Lamarcus Joyner is progressing)
"He's progressing very well. Like we've talked about before, any time you're dealing with a soft tissue injury with a skill player that – his game is so much predicated on speed and explosion and change in directional things, you want to be careful with him. But I think he's making great progress. He's doing all the things the right way and he'll be doubtful for this game. If he can go, great. If not, then we anticipate him being ready to go next week."

(On what offensive coordinator Matt LeFleur has done behind the scenes to contribute to the team's offensive success)
"I can't say enough about what Matt's done, so thankful to have him here. Really, he's as responsible as anybody for the success our offense has had. In terms of organizing the game plans, being able to run the meetings, making sure that everything's in alignment on the same page, getting the game plans organized, he does it all. Can't say enough about the contribution he's made to our team. I've got a lot of confidence in him as a coach. He's instrumental in what we run in the game plans. He's a guy that I talk to as much as anybody throughout the course of the game. He's got a great feel for things, so he's got as much responsibility for some of the things that our offense has done a nice job with through the first quarter of the season as anybody. So, can't say enough about Matt. He's a great coach."

(On how LeFleur's playing experience has impacted his approach to the game)
"Well, he was a good quarterback, he's a great competitor. He's got a great ability to communicate, but I think he understands the game from a quarterback's perspective from having played and I think that helps him be able to communicate and kind of understand what they're thinking, what they're seeing. They're very receptive to how he's communicating things. (Quarterbacks Coach) Greg Olson has done a great job, too. Both of those guys have been instrumental in what you see with (QB) Jared (Goff), (QB) Sean Mannion's continuing to make good steps and (QB) Brandon Allen has done some nice things since we got here as well. But those two and really Matt in particular, he's been vital to our success."

(On if he expects Seattle to pressure QB Jared Goff)
"I would think so. I think one of the things that they're predicated on is they've a great ability to be able to hit home with a four-man rush and play coverage behind it. Then, when they do pressure you, they do a great job of getting home and playing tight coverage on the back end. I can't say enough about what this defense presents in terms of a challenge for us. I know our guys are excited to see how we stack up against a great defense that's been consistent year-in and year-out and is considered one of the best in this league. Like we've mentioned, they've got all-pro players on all three levels, well coached, they compete every single snap. Can't wait to see how our guys do, but we know it's going to be a great challenge. Certainly, any time that you're a quarterback with a clean pocket, things are going to be a lot easier, but that's what I think makes this defense so special, is the fact that they can create condensed pocket. They can hit home while only having to rush four and still play loaded zone behind it."

(On if he's curious to see how his offense responds going into the upcoming stretch of tough games)
"Yeah. I think each week presents a chance to respond and right now it's about seeing how we stack up against Seattle. Whether we have a good or a bad performance against Seattle, then it's following up with whoever's next on the schedule. That's the beauty of the NFL, you don't have too long to appreciate a win and you can't dwell on a loss, because you've got to make sure that you're ready for that next game. That's why we've got to have a great – we've had a good week with our approach and with our preparation and we're hoping that it's going to lead to a performance that we're all proud of and hopefully gets the result that we're looking to get.

(On what WR/KR Pharoh Cooper's development has been like as a kick returner and also at receiver)
"I love the way Pharoh responded last week. I think that was kind of what you expected from him. He's a great competitor and I think he's continuing to get better as a complete receiver as well. I saw a lot of really good things where he got a lot more opportunities in the preseason, where I think everybody got a chance to evaluate and see his development – whether he's playing with or without the ball, ability to catch the ball down the field. Bringing (WR) Robert Woods in where they're playing the same position, Robert's done such a good job, but like we've mentioned, really with our top to bottom for our receiving corps – a lot of confidence in those guys. I think Pharoh's one of those players that good things happen when the ball's in his hands. He's just a great competitor, he's a good football player, does everything the right way and you win with players like Pharoh. So, really pleased with the way that he responded on the kick return and if he happens to be in there and get some more opportunities on the offensive side of the ball, I feel very confident in his ability to make those plays and deliver."

(On if he has a better feel of how WR Mike Thomas will fit in)
"Yeah. In terms of figuring out that 46 (man gameday roster), you get through the week – we've finalized those plans right now. Whether he'll be up or not, we haven't made that final determination, but it was good to get Mike out on the practice field. He retained a lot of information, he's a smart player. He was able to move around and do a variety of things, but whether we activate him or not, we haven't made that decision yet."


Offensive Coordinator Matt LaFleur – Media Availability – October 6, 2017**

(On what challenges the Seahawks defense presents for his offense)
"It's going to be a great challenge for us. You look at a team that really for the last five years, they've been very consistent. There's a lot of continuity. You look at them up front they've got multiple Pro Bowlers, those two linebackers are as good as it gets in this league and then again the secondary is…I mean they've been able to shut some people down. So, it's going to be a great measuring stick for our offense and a big time challenge."

(On what he stresses to QB Jared Goff about being smart with the ball)
"I think it's the same process that we stress every day. You know making good decisions, throwing on time and then, you know, accuracy. One thing that I think where you've really seen his play progress and I think that comes with game reps is, he's been playing with a pretty good sense of urgency and throwing with some good anticipation. So, I think that can only get better the more you play."

(On how he gets to the point where the offense gets into the end zone instead of settling for field goals)
"I think anytime you talk about the red zone it's number one,  you've got to be able to run the ball down there and unfortunately last week we didn't quite run it as well as we have been running it. There's tighter windows down there so you've got to be pin-point with your accuracy. You can never take for granted a lot of good red zone offenses, they're going to make off-schedule plays down there. So I would say that we've got to run it a little bit better down there and then when the opportunity presents itself for those off-schedules – we've got to come through."

(On whether the continuity amongst Seattle's secondary shows up on film and if it does, in what ways does it reveal itself)
"I've had a few opportunities going against those guys, first and foremost, I think a lot of it starts with (FS) Earl Thomas. He's a guy that, on the back end, he's all over the place and he plays with his hair on fire. They're so good at diagnosing plays and then just teeing off on whatever they see. And then you talk about on the outside, both those corners, they're going to get up and challenge you each and every play."

(On how going up against a bigger corner, like Seahawks CB Richard Sherman, changes the offensive scheme)
"He's a really long guy and he can get his hands on you. I think more than anything else, again a very smart player, and he's got really good ball skills. So, if you're off a little bit in terms of whether it's your route depth or if he can get a beat on what you're running and that ball's not thrown on time with accuracy – he can make you pay."

(On how WR Sammy Watkins stays engaged through long stretches of him not being a target)
"I think that's a challenge for all players. The one thing I think it just kind of goes back to his character as a man. He's a very unselfish guy, which is a lot of fun to work with guys like that. We know he's going to come out and when his opportunity is called – we expect him to make plays for us."

(On how much of his former playing experience influences how he coaches and prepares)
"I guess you can speak on your past experiences. In particular, I always try to see the game through the quarterback's eyes and how can we put him in a position where he's making quick decisions, again always emphasizing the footwork and the timing that it takes to play and then lastly getting your body in position so that you can throw accurately on a consistent basis."

(On what his role becomes on game day as an offensive coordinator to help simplify things for Head Coach Sean McVay)
"Fortunately for me, Sean sees the game as well as anybody I've been around. But, what I'm really doing along with (Assistant Wide Receivers Coach) Zac Taylor and (Assistant Offensive Line Coach) Andy Dickerson. We're just trying to get a beat on what the defense is presenting to our offense on a down-in and down-out basis. As well as, trying to kind of have some foresight what they could present to us and then if there's any holes that we see in that defense, then we're making those suggestions to try to attack whatever it is they're trying to do to us."

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