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TRANSCRIPT: McVay, Goff, and Gurley Training Camp Press Conference

Rams Head Coach Sean McVay – Training Camp Press Conference – June 29, 2017

(On how he thinks today's practice went)

"Until you really go back and watch the tape, it's always a little bit more difficult to tell. But, I thought the defense did a nice job creating some pressure on the quarterbacks and on the back end, they were all contested throws. I thought it was a good day by the defense, but until you go back and look at the tapes, it's always hard to say exactly how it went."

(On whether it's a sigh of a relieve to finally get going)

"Yeah, I think we're all excited to get out there and get going. I was really pleased with the walk-thru and the guys ability to retain some of the information from the offseason program. The installs go a little bit faster than they do in the offseason. So, we're going to be on to day two tomorrow and it'll be good to get out there and we'll look at this tape tonight and make some corrections and be ready to move forward."

(On Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips not scaling back with defense and if the offense benefits from seeing that kind of pressure)

"Absolutely, when you're able to get a great defensive look like what our defense created today it can only make you better offensively. I think that's great work. I think until you really put the pads on is when the true evaluations can really take place with some of the things that occur upfront. But, I thought it was a good start for the defense as a whole."

(On WR Tavon Austin's health and how Austin looked to him)

"I thought he looked good. He is fully healthy right now. I think there's still just a little bit…he's still working to get full range motion on that wrist. I thought it was good to see him out there competing. He made some tough catches and you like the way you see him finish on a consistent basis."

(On how Austin looked running his routes today)

"He did good. Again, until you really go back and look at the tape, it's hard to get a true evaluation. But just from looking at it from afar, I thought there was some good things from him and we know that we're always going to strive for that continuous improvement."

(On his evaluation of QB Jared Goff on his first day)

"I think there was some good and some bad. I thought that the defense created some pressure. I think the ultimate goal for the quarterback is we've got to find completions. I think the defense did a nice job make of making things tough on him today. We'll look at it. We'll get it cleaned up, but it was some good and some bad."

(On his first training camp practice as a head coach and if it was any different than OTAs)

"I thought it was a great atmosphere out here. It was very similar to what our OTAs were. The only thing we were able to do was a little bit of matchup drills kind of in the individual period. But in terms of the format, it was exactly like we had done in OTAs. So, it felt similar with the guys competing. I thought having the fans out here and just being out here in Irvine, it's been a great atmosphere." 

(On if DL Aaron Donald not being there took away from opening day of camp)

"I think anytime your best player's not there you always would feel better if he was. But, I don't the players were affected by it. We certainly would love to have Aaron here. That's something we're constantly working on to try to resolve and find a solution. But, I don't think him (not) being here affected guys' ability to compete and try to be their best today."

(On if there are any updates regarding Donald's situation)

"There's not. I'm sure that when I go back and talk to (General Manager) Les (Snead), (Chief Operating Officer) Kevin (Demoff), and (Senior Assistant) Tony (Pastoors) they've probably been in contact with them. As of right now, we're keeping those things in house and we're optimistic and we're really striving to find a solution to this."

(On the difficulties of evaluating when the players don't have pads on)

"I think especially when you just talk about some of the movement upfront. Being able to fit when you can strike those pads and get your hands inside from a lineman. Being able to do some different things and carrying those pads especially when you're throwing the football or catching it. It creates a different reaction and guys have to get comfortable doing that because that's how we play on Sundays."

(On if there was added excitement for him today knowing that this is the run up to his first regular season as a head coach)

"Yeah, I think there was. I think going back to the team meeting last night and thinking back to our first team meeting in the offseason program, it feels like it is a little bit closer to reality. That September 10th date and then getting to play the Cowboys in the preseason opener is really what you do this for and I think everybody has got a little bit more excitement."

(On if he's always played DB with the wide receivers at the beginning of practice)

"Yeah, I think it is good. I like to get out and be active, otherwise I'll probably gain a lot of weight. Then I had an injured quad in the offseason, so I have been rehabbing in my time off and I'm ready to run and play some DB for us now."

(On if he has a timetable on RB Lance Dunbar getting on the field)

"You know what? That is a good question. Right now, Lance is on PUP (Physically Unable to Perform list). We're continuing to monitor him. It is a specific situation with the injury that he did have on that knee a couple years ago. We want to be smart with that. But in terms of a timetable, we don't have one right now."

(On if he is uncertain if Dunbar will be available during training camp)

"We're not exactly sure. We're optimistic. But again, we don't have an exact timetable. We're kind of monitoring him day-to-day. (Director of Sports Performance) Reggie (Scott) and his staff are kind of giving us updates and Lance is doing exactly what he's asked of." 

(On what he makes of the pace of practice and if that's how he likes it)

"Yeah, I think so. I thought guys were running on and off the field. I thought that we did a good job of protecting ourselves, but playing smart. There's always going to be a couple things where there is a little bit of contact on the back end or up front that you want to avoid, especially without the pads on. But overall, it felt like it was a good tempo and going back to look at the tape will ultimately tell us that."

(On if he has any contact rules for RB Todd Gurley or anyone else on the team)

"I think we do a good job with our tracking systems of kind of monitoring the amount of distance that these guys are covering and especially with guys like Todd, we will be aware of that. But in terms of the restrictions, I think it is good for him to be out there with his teammates, getting that work. He is a guy that is motivated and doing all of the things the right way. I think that having one of our leaders out there competing with his teammates is what we want right now."

Rams QB Jared Goff – Training Camp Press Conference – June 29, 2017

(On his feeling of this year's first day of training camp compared to last year's first day)

"It's night and day. I feel good. I feel comfortable. Obviously, I have a really good idea of what we're trying to do this year and I felt good today. There's a lot of things we need to clean up, but I think it's mainly just timing-wise. When you get back on the field with the guys you want to get that timing back and I think that's what we saw, was a little bit off on the timing, but besides that, I thought it was a good day. Really no mental errors that I saw when I was out there with my guys. Yeah it was great."* *

(On how difficult it is to transition into learning the terminology)

"It's just different words. I think they do a good job of setting it up in a way that they keep it easy for us to remember, easy for everyone. It's been a joy learning. It's been a lot of fun." 

(On his relationship with Head Coach Sean McVay)

"It's been great. I first met him in the interview and ever since it's been better and better. I have a really good relationship with him - very good open communication with him about how I'm feeling, how he's feeling, plays I like plays I don't like, same back with him, plays he likes. We communicate very well and that's my favorite part about him probably, is the way he's able to communicate with not only me, but everyone else on the team."

(On Coach Sean McVay being the reason he feels more comfortable this year)

"Yeah, he's definitely a big part. I think anyone going from year one to year two has that natural jump. I think he's done a great job so far of running the offense with myself and the rest of the team."

(On how he feels about his performance today)

"It was up and down. I felt okay, like I said there were no mental errors. I had some good throws, I had some bad throws. There was a little adrenaline, I led some of those guys for a couple of yards. Besides that it was good. Like I said, the timing was probably off on a couple of things, but I thought it was a good first day."

(On throwing a lot of deep routes today)

"They did a bunch of one-on-ones and I threw a couple during team (drills). It's a big part of my game and part of my game I like to think I'm pretty good at. I enjoy throwing the ball deep."

(On getting ramped up for training camp)

"Yeah of course, first day out here, however many fans we had. It was awesome. I think I speak for a lot of guys, everyone was a little bit anxious, everybody's going a little bit fast. It was a good first day of camp."

(On how the pace that Coach McVay coaches with compares to what he's used to)

"Like I said, I think he's done a great job. I think all of the way through OTAs up until now he's done a tremendous job not only running the offense, but managing us on the field. He continues to do a good job with us. It's been fun."

(On Coach McVay being efficient)

"He's very efficient. Very efficient, very smart, great communicator and he's a lot of fun to work with."

(On Coach McVay dropping into coverage covering the running backs in practice)

"He probably won't tell you guys, but he had a bum quad early on in OTAs, so he couldn't move too much. Today, he came out here healthy. I was like, 'Man, you're moving around'. He said, 'Oh yeah'. He's back, he's back."

(On having a head coach that is also going to call plays)

"I think so. I think that's definitely a good thing to have as a quarterback. He's obviously the leader of the team and for him to be the guy calling the plays is very helpful for myself and the offense." 

(On what to work on over the next couple of weeks)

"I'll say it again, I think the timing. Just being sharp on timing, staying on time and getting rid of the ball when you need to and the receivers and myself continue to get on the same page."

On how he likes the new receivers)

"Great, real good. I think Robert (Woods), and Cooper (Kupp) and Josh (Reynolds), forgive me if I'm forgetting anybody, have done a great job. I think Robert has been a pleasant surprise. I knew he was a good player, but I think the way he's come out here and worked and the way he goes about his business has been a really cool thing to see. It's good to see and same thing as Cooper, he's a tremendous player who works his ass off and smart as hell."

(On how he feels after offseason lifting)

"Growing, more mature, stronger, more confident and everything in between. I feel good. I feel like you should feel that in year two and I'm ready to go. I think a lot of guys are ready to make the past the past and is a new trend this year."

(On how he matured)

"I think you just grow, you get older, you have more experiences and you know how to carry yourself a little bit differently. I don't know if there's any examples. Just as you get older, I can tell that with myself and the way I'm able to communicate with my teammates a lot better."

(On knowing that this is his team from the beginning)

"Yeah, that's a big deal. Just knowing I'm the guy that they're going to look to, It is my team to lead and my team to direct and control and command. I don't take that lightly. I'm trying to put a lot of pride into that and try to do my best."

(On how much different the team is this year)

"We'll have to wait and see, excited to get the season going, but right now I feel really good. We have a new team this year with new energy, new culture and a new perspective. Like I said, excited to make the past the past, and start a new future." 

(On DT Aaron Donald not being out there with the defense)

"Yeah, it makes our job a little easier.

(On how he thinks Donald not being here impacts the team)

"That is something that Aaron is dealing with. We obviously support Aaron fully and he is dealing with that and I know the front office is dealing with it as well, hope to get that done at some point and Aaron will be excited to get back. I know that he wants to be nowhere but here, but he is dealing with that right now and get that done."

(On if he has communicated with Donald at all)

"I haven't personally. But the guys have said that he is excited and ready to go."

Rams RB Todd Gurley – Training Camp Press Conference – July 29, 2017

(On the enthusiasm surrounding the team under new Head Coach Sean McVay)

"I'm excited. It is the first day back at football, so there are no more breaks from here on. We are all excited. It is going to be a long year, so we take it day-by-day and get better."

(On what is different for him heading into year three)

"Nothing, just trying to get better every day – learn this offense as much as possible and try to make everybody better around me, including myself."

(On what he learned from his first two NFL seasons)

"It's football, everybody that has been playing football has been playing our whole lives. It is football – you catch it, you don't turn it over, you score points and you stop people from scoring points. That's about it, honestly."

(On if the rules of contact that were placed on him last training camp are the same this training camp)

"I don't make the rules, I just go out there and play football." 

(On if he heard anything about players not hitting him or touching him)

"Oh, they know better. They better not touch me – nah, I'm just kidding (laughs). Like I said, I am on this team and I have played football my whole life. I play running back – I can't cry about not getting hit."

(On if he goes back and looks at tape on previous years or if he always just looks ahead)

"Obviously you need to go back and critique yourself and see the things that you do good and see the things that you need to work on. That is just watching film, period, game film, so that always helps out a lot. But particularly that helps out more if you are playing Seattle and I need to go look at what I did last year against Seattle or the year before. Just studying tendencies like that."

(On if he thinks this offense will make it easier on him)

"I don't really guess. I trust in the coaches. They have been doing a great job with putting in the offense and then obviously you have seen Coach McVay's work in Washington, so I don't understand why it wouldn't be able to work here on this level. It is the same game, NFC. So, like I said, we are just coming out here every day trying to get better. We are trying to learn the system and make sure we master our technique."

(On if he has seen a noticeable difference in the offensive line with the additions of T Andrew Whitworth and C John Sullivan)

"Obviously, (Andrew) Whitworth is a great guy. He has been in this league for a while and there is a reason why he has been in this league. 'Sully' (John Sullivan) was with Coach McVay a little bit last year. They are all good. Like I said, we all have a lot to get better on. It is just the first day and we will watch film today and just keep getting better every day."

(On how long it can take to learn the tendencies of some of the new offensive linemen)

"Most of it is reactions. A lot of time in football you know what you want to do, but it doesn't go that way. As a running back, for us it's more just instincts and reaction. But like you said, just knowing what those guys are going to do from the beginning is a major help, so obviously understanding that and being able to be on the same page as those guys is just going to help everybody together."

(On the biggest difference between QB Jared Goff now and the Goff from last training camp)

"It is only the first day of training camp, so I really can't tell you much. I haven't really watched the film of practice yet. But I know he has been working his tail off every day, everybody has. Like I said, we are just going to keep trying to get better every day."

(On terminology being one of the biggest adjustments he has to make from last year to this year)

"Yeah, obviously this is a whole new system. We just had that five or six weeks off, so obviously things are rusty to everybody. That is why we are having training camp and we are in meetings all day every day and on the field. We all made mistakes today, we are going to learn from them and come back out here and make sure that we don't make the same mistakes that we did yesterday and just keep getting better."

(On his relationship with Coach McVay and Coach McVay's relationship with Goff)

"Yeah, he has been doing a great job of just communicating, making sure that we all know our stuff. Just knowing that it is a process – we learn something today and he is not expecting us to go out there and be the greatest of all-time at it, so he works with us. He has a great relationship with us and we respect him as a coach and we trust him. That is all we can do, is just go out there and listen to the coaches and put our work on film."

(On Goff's confidence this year being different than last year)

"He has always been the same guy – a cool, chill, mellow guy. He doesn't say too much, but he just goes out there and works. He is always going to be the same guy."

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