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TRANSCRIPT: McVay, Goff Press Conference 11/1


Head Coach Sean McVay – Media Availability – November 1, 2017 **

(Opening Remarks)

"Exciting night tonight for the Dodgers. Getting a relationship with (Dodgers Manager) Coach (Dave) Roberts, become a big fan of his and the way that he leads, so looking forward to watching that pulling for those guys and hoping they find a way to come away with a world championship. But, either way, they've done a great job. They've been a great example of a team that sticks together, stays connected, a lot of the things that we want to continue to embody and that's why we have so much respect for them and what they've done. Also, for the new stadium in 2023, they'll have the college football championship playoff football game will be there. That's a big deal. I think what that project is going to be in the next few years when it gets finished up is very exciting and that represents another awesome event that'll be there. So, a lot of good stuff going on right now."

(On if he is really going to be able to pull away and watch the Dodgers game tonight)

"I'll have it on in the office while we're finishing up, so I'll definitely have an idea of what the score is and things like that. I would have liked to have been able to go, but we've got to take care of our business."

(On what stood out to him about the Seahawks move to get T Duane Brown and the 49ers move to get QB Jimmy Garoppolo)

"I think those are great players that those teams in our division have acquired. Actually, Duane is a guy that works out here (Los Angeles) in the offseason. He's in great shape, he's played at a productive level throughout the course of his career, so that's a great addition for them. And then, when Jimmy has gotten his opportunities in New England, you can see why they're projecting him as a pretty good player that has a lot of tools and traits. I know that (49ers Head Coach) Kyle (Shanahan) will do an excellent job utilizing him in the right way. But, I think the thing that's great about what is going on right now is we had a good start to our week of preparation against the Giants – very tough opponent that we're going to be going against on Sunday, traveling across the country. So, we started off in the right direction, guys had a lot good energy out there today and it was a good start for the week."

(On what problems the Giants present in this upcoming game)

"I think offensively, anytime that you play against a quarterback of (QB) Eli (Manning's) caliber – he's won two world championships, he's an excellent football player that has a great command of this game and when he gets hot it's scary. You look at some of the weapons they have with (WR) Sterling Shepard, eight touchdowns as a rookie, 60-plus catches. Then (TE Evan) Engram is a developing tight end that has made a lot of plays – I want to say he's got 30 catches in the first few weeks. Then you go over to the defense and you can see why these guys were a top-tier unit. They've got great players all over the board. You look at (DE Jason) Pierre-Paul, you look at if (DE) Olivier Vernon is able to play, (DT Damon) Harrison inside as a rusher. I know (Giants and former Redskins LB) Keenan Robinson very well and (Giants LB Jonathan) Casillas when he's healthy. They've got speed at the inside linebacker position and then in terms of just versatility and guys with great ball skills on the back end, (S) Landon Collins is an All-Pro safety, I think (CB) Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is excellent. Obviously (CB) Janoris (Jenkins) won't be playing, but he's a great football player and (CB) Eli Apple is a developing corner. So, you can go on and on about their personnel and I think their coaches do a great job with their schemes and we've got to be ready to go."

(On if he addresses the fact that they are a hot team and they are going up against a struggling team with his players)

"Yeah, I think what you talk about is that one of the things you realize about this league is that it's one day at a time, one game at a time and if you don't take that mindset and mentality, you get humbled very quickly. It's so competitive, there's so many good players and coaches all around that anything – you hear the term, 'Any given Sunday.' But, it's true because regardless of the records, it's why you see different outcomes occur every single week because there is such a competitive balance in this league with great players, great coaching and especially with going on the road, playing in a tough atmosphere at MetLife Stadium and then especially just with the previous experience that I have going against this team, they'll be ready to go and we need to be ready as well if we're going to come away with a win."

(On what he thinks Giants QB Eli Manning does well and how does Manning compare to QB Jared Goff)

"I think one of the things that you talk about is consistency over time and he's consistently played at a high level, put his team in a position to win football games, anytime that you win two world championships. But, he's got a great feel for the game, he's accurate, he's got a great feel for moving and manipulating the pocket with the rush, keeps his eyes down the field, he can change his arm angle. He might not escape pressure in terms of extending things, but he does that within the framework of the pocket. You can see that he does a lot of stuff at the line of scrimmage, great command and understanding of what defenses are doing and then how he can get to some audibles and checks to attack some of those looks. So, he's done a really nice job, especially adjusting because he's had so much success throughout his career, but then you look at some of the changes from what he was doing with (former Giants Offensive Coordinator) Coach (Kevin) Gilbride to then when (Giants Head) Coach (Ben) McAdoo came in – completing a high percentage of his balls really since Coach McAdoo was the coordinator there. But, just really impressed. I think the decision-making, playing with the timing and the rhythm – anytime that you talk about the quarterback position, those are the things that you mention and Eli embodies that and that's what Jared's striving to do. I think Jared is making steps in the right direction right now. He's getting ready to start his eighth game of his second season having played seven as a rookie as we all know. So, I think when you start talking comparing yourself to a guy of his (Eli Manning's) caliber, those guys are the standards and what you want to try to do is just take it one day at a time, continue to show that improvement, that command of the offense and he's done those things. But, Eli's a Hall of Fame caliber player and if we're talking about that then things are going really well for us and for Jared moving forward into the future."

(On what he thinks the secret is behind the fact that T Andrew Whitworth has stayed healthy and been able to play at a high level at an older age for a left tackle)

"Yeah, he's an impressive guy. I think he takes great care of himself, got a great family – those kids keep him young running him around too, so when he's not around the facility, he's staying active with his family and his wife Melissa. But, I just think he's the epitome of a pro's pro. He's taken really good care of himself, put himself in a position and then he's obviously got some good genetics and he's been blessed to be able to play at such a high level for such a long time. But, those things don't occur by mistakes. He's done it the right way consistently, he's been around some good people that were willing to invest in him and I've been more impressed what you heard about him before we had signed him and then getting him here. He's been everything and more in terms of what he brings to the field, but also what he also represents in the locker room bringing people with him and then really for me as a resource too. He does things on a day-to-day basis where he might be offering some advice to me where you take it, you listen to it and you end up implementing it and you say, 'Man, I'm really glad you told me that because it worked out in a lot of good ways for us.' So, I think he's just a special player, special person and he is kind of one of those freaks that gets the contract he does when he's played as long as he has."

(On if there is any sort of advice in particular that Whitworth has given him)

"There's a lot of different things. I'll keep that between us. But, he's just got such a good way about himself and a good perspective. In a way, but different, it's similar to how I mentioned how (Rams Defensive Coordinator) Wade (Phillips) gives his advice and his opinions on things. It's never pushed upon you, but it's got such a way – they've got a way of delivering it where you really want to listen and then when you do implement it you realize, 'Man, that was definitely the right thing to do.'"

(On if he likes the talk from the media that they are contenders or if he doesn't pay any attention to that stuff)

"I think what's great about the NFL is there's a large platform and there's a lot of coverage for it and that's kind of – you talk about what's relevant in the league, same story if we don't go out and play well next week it's, 'They're not doing things. They're back to what we thought.' But, we don't really get caught up in that and that is one of the things that you can speak it consistently day-in and day-out, the players are bought in, we believe it as a coaching staff and it's the truth. If you sit there and say, 'Alright, after seven weeks or seven games or after eight games, what were guys' records last year?' People couldn't tell you because it doesn't really matter. It's about how you finish and what we want to try to do is focus on, how can we find a way to try to accomplish a goal this week and then worry about next and if you do that over time, then you get a chance to put yourself in a position to maybe play after those 16 games. But, that's so far from where we're at right now – we've still got nine games left for sure and right now we're focused on our eighth game and that's really all there is to it for us."

(On how active he and General Manager Les Snead were during the trade deadline)

"Yeah, I think Les fielded a lot of those calls where it was more people reaching out to us about our players. I think for us, we've been so fortunate with the injuries and then where we're at as a team, we don't feel like, knock on wood, that you're really looking to add some depth to a spot because we've done such a good job with our players staying healthy. So, I'm not sure if Les would be a better answer because what we did was we discussed beforehand, 'Do we want to make any sort of moves?' And we both agreed that where we're at right now and the players that we have that we're counting on and that are playing for us, we feel really good about moving forward and let's continue on with that and not feel like you've got to do anything because of an injury or things like that that some of the teams you might have seen make a move. So, that's a blessing for us and as far as the calls, I'm not exactly sure just because usually those go to him and we kind of knew that we we're doing to be active in that area."

(On if there is anything in particular that he wants to see QB Jared Goff improve on this week going into the game against the Giants)

"Yeah. I think it sounds like a broken record, but it's always about the decision-making and there's a lot of different ways, but each snap requires a lot of different things above the neck for him, whether it be the run game, the pass game, playing within the timing and the rhythm, always want to try to take care of the football. Nothing more important than turnovers other than points in this league that determines the outcome of the game and we've got to do a great job offensively of taking care of it. He touches the football every single snap, but I think anytime that you go on the road, especially as a young quarterback dealing with the elements and some of the things that you have to do with your cadence it's a great challenge for him, one that he's responded to so far this year when we've gone to places where you do have to change up some things because of that noise and I'm looking forward to seeing him command that as well against the Giants."

(On if he feels good about C John Sullivan going forward this week)

"Yeah, we feel good about John. We're going to have a smart approach with players like him, (OLB) Connor Barwin and (T Andrew) Whitworth moving towards the latter half of the season because you feel so good about their ability to prepare above the neck and then knowing that, let's get a premium on their reps, but also how we can manage them being as fresh as possible on Sunday. What I think it offers as well is a unique opportunity for some of those younger players to get reps that they wouldn't otherwise. So, you really are getting better as a team and you're taking care of your veterans that have played for a long time. That's why I think credit to (C) Austin Blythe – when he's had to step in when John hasn't been available, he's done such a nice job because (Offensive Line) Coach (Aaron) Kromer is doing great with him and then he gets a lot of work during the week that most of the time those backup centers don't get."


Rams QB Jared Goff – Media Availability – November 1, 2017 

(On what he worked on or tried to improve on during the bye week)

"I rested a little bit. I was a little banged up, seven games in a row will get you. So I got a little bit of rest in and was able to recover and massage therapy and that stuff. Help me get my body right and just rested. Watched some film. Did a little bit of self-scouting all myself and I know some things I want to work on for sure."

(On if he reached out to Dodgers player Joc Pederson on twitter last night)

"Yeah, I texted him. I said good job, one more."

(On the unscripted portions of practice and the competiveness between offense and defense in practice)

"It's fun. It's definitely fun, especially when you have somebody like (Defensive Coordinator) Wade (Phillips) over there and they're trying to get us, we're trying to get them. We don't do it often, but we do try to do a period or two a week of that and it's fun, especially with how well they've been playing, how well we've been playing. To get a chance to get go against each other is fun."

(On the difficulty of Phillips' defensive scheme)
"It's definitely tough. Definitely tough with what they're able to do and everything they do is hard. They're really sound. There's a reason he so successful and been coaching so long." 

(On if he followed Giants QB Eli Manning's career growing up and if so what did he observe and try to emulate)

"I was a fan of his growing up. He got drafted in 2003? Yeah, I was nine and I remember the draft and when he went to the Chargers and (Chargers QB) Philip (Rivers) and all that. Big fan of his. Obviously, he won two Super Bowls, doing something right. A fan of his the way he plays the game and the way he goes about his business. Heard nothing but great things. Went to the Manning Camp, got a chance to meet him down there and it was great."

(On playing on a team with high expectations)

"I think there's always expectations in house. We expect to win. I don't think we care what anyone thinks about whether we should win or should not win or what they thought about us in the offseason or last year or preseason or anything. We know – the players we have and people in this building expect to win, so no it's not anything new to us."

(On what he wants to improve on for the remaining games)

"A lot of stuff. I want to continue to work on the details and continue to stay detailed and try to clean my footwork up as best I can every game. Be as accurate as I can. There's little different tweaks that I'm working on in practice with everything every day. There's a million things. I don't know if there's one in particular. Just continue to try to get better and lead our offense the best way that I can."

(On what the secret is to the longevity of LT Andrew Whitworth's career)

"First of all he's a great player who's made the Pro Bowl for a reason. He's worked his ass off and is a tremendous talent and that's why I think he is where he is today. Just seeing him daily, the way he takes care of his body and the way he understands that there's times where he needs to be weary of what he's doing and take care of his body. It's great to see a guy that's so conscientious of staying healthy and doing everything he needs to do. Him and (C) John Sullivan at the same time, they both do things being older guys that they take care of their bodies and we like to make fun of them for doing all the stuff that they do. But you look at it and he's been playing for so long and I'm taking little mental notes for down the road when I need to take care of my body and things he does it's great to see."

(On the problems that the Giants defense presents to him)

"I think they're talented across the board on all three levels. I think like you talked about, (DE Jason Pierre Paul) 'JPP'. I know (CB) Janoris (Jenkins) won't be playing, but (CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie) 'DRC's' no joke either. Same with (CB) Eli (Apple) and (S) Landon (Collins) as well. They're all great players all across the board and you have to be wary of them and be careful."

(On where he feels like the offense is now and where they want to get to)

"We feel good. Obviously, we've done some good things in the first seven games to get to 5-2. I think one thing we look at is, what's our record when we won the turnover margin? And it's 5-0. The two games we've lost, we've lost turnovers. I think if we continue to take care of the ball and the defense keeps playing the way that they are, we'll be happy with what we're doing. But we have some room to improve for sure. There's many areas and today we got some good stuff done." 

(On if at any point he thought the bye week might have been too long of a rest)

"Yeah (laughs), a little bit. You get that first day back and you're a little rusty. You're like 'Oh, what was that?' And you're kind of thinking for a second. A little bit, you want to just keep rolling and we had won two in a row, especially on the road. You kind of want to just keep going – keep that momentum going. I think today was one of our best practices of the year, really. Across the board – offensively, defensively, everyone was making plays. When you see that, you know that there was no drop off and there's probably even an increase with the bye week with getting healthy and getting fresh."

(On if the road warrior mentality is something this team has bought into)

"Yeah, I think we enjoy playing on the road. I don't know why or what it is, but that 'Yourself against the world, we're all we got, we're all we need' type of thing is part of our mantra and brings us together. We've played well on the road, so we enjoy it. It's definitely not a disadvantage for us, we don't think."

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