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TRANSCRIPT: McVay, Goff Press Conference 11/22


Head Coach Sean McVay – Media Availability – November 22, 2017**

(Opening Remarks)

"From an injury standpoint today, (OLB Connor) Barwin, (C John) Sullivan and (T Andrew) Whitworth, their typical days of rest. (LB) Mark Barron did not participate with a hand. (CB) Kayvon Webster did not participate with his concussion, (CB) Nickell (Robey-Coleman) with his thigh, (RB) Malcolm (Brown) with his knee – (RB) Lance Dunbar did not participate with his knee, (WR) Robert Woods with his shoulder, (CB) Troy Hill was a full participant, (TE) Derek Carrier was a full participant and (LB) Bryce Hager was limited with a calf."

(On if he has determined who will fill in for WR Robert Woods)

"It's going to be kind of a group effort and we've got a lot of confidence in those guys to step up. Clearly it's a big void that we're going to be missing with Robert and what he's brought to this team and to our offense. But, I think when you look at guys like (WR) Josh Reynolds, (WR) Mike Thomas, we've talked about (WR) Tavon (Austin) getting him more involved, (WR) Pharoh Cooper, so you'll see a combination of those guys in addition to (WR) Sammy (Watkins) and (WR) Cooper Kupp. We'll get all of those guys going and it will be a nice mix, keep them fresh and be in and out of the lineup."

(On CB Kevin Peterson being activated to the 53-man roster being because Robey or Webster won't be able to play)

"We haven't made those decisions yet. It's more of an insurance thing than anything else and Kevin's a guy that when he's been asked to be brought up and potentially have the chance to compete, he's done a nice job. So, we're taking it one day at a time with Kayvon and Nickell, but Kevin does provide some nice insurance if for whatever reason, those guys aren't able to go."

(On CB Kayvon Webster still being in the concussion protocol)

"He is and it's a very specific, strategic process that those guys go through. All things are going in a positive direction with Kayvon, so that's encouraging. But, just based on the way that that typically flows, we're kind of on par for the course right now. Hoping to still be able to get him back by the end of the week if everything goes the way that we want."

(On if he feels like he can ramp up the targets for WR Sammy Watkins)

"I think so. Like you guys have heard us talk about, Sammy is a special player. You always want to try to get guys like him involved, but we also try to make sure that it's my responsibility and then we never want (QB) Jared (Goff) to feel like he's got to force the ball – let the coverage and let whatever the defense presents dictate your decision making process in terms of whatever concept it is that we're running. I think he's done a good job with that. You always have to look at yourself critically and find ways to get a player like Sammy more and more involved and that's something that is a constant, ongoing process. You always look at what are the opportunities where maybe we could have given some better direction and get him the football. That's what makes football fun, is you're always figuring out ways to improve and this week will be no different."* *

(On how important it has been for QB Jared Goff that he has limited turnovers this season)

"It's huge. Other than points, it's the most important stat there is. I think when you look at it, he's conscientious about it. Our coaches do a great job with (Rams Offensive Coordinator) Matt (LaFleur) and (Rams Quarterbacks Coach) Greg (Olson) in terms of just emphasizing that with him on a daily basis, moving with two hands on the ball in the pocket, making good decisions. Then, I think you look at it, a lot of that ends up being a team effort as well. The one ball down the field, Robert Woods becomes a great DB in that situation, so everybody has their contribution to kind of taking care of the football from an offensive standpoint and defensively we always emphasize getting it back. That's something that it's a very clear stat for our team especially – when you look at the 10 games, we're 7-0 when we're even or in the plus margin with turnovers and when we've lost it we're 0-3. So, if that right there isn't enough information and incentive for our team to make sure we know how important that it, I don't know what would be."

(On if WR Pharoh Cooper's punt return and kickoff return duties plays into the amount of playing time he will see at the receiver position)

"I think it does a little bit because he's been such a good, positive returner for us that's impacted and affected the game in the right way, so you want to make sure that you continue to allow him to be special in that area. But, he does deserve to be able to get on the field and do some different things, so that will be a factor in it. It's not the determining factor, but because of what a good impact he's made in the return game, it has something to do with kind of our overall flow and kind of the plan going in."

(On if Dunbar got hurt in the Vikings game)

"He didn't hurt it. I think it was just typically just kind of going through where he played some snaps, just a little sore today and we always want to be smart early in the week with him. Hopefully we get some good news, he'll feel good tomorrow and get him back out there. But, it's one of those things where we've just got to be patient and I know it's been a frustrating deal with him. But, to his credit, he's put himself in a position to get back on the field. When he's gotten out there he's been efficient, he's been productive and hopefully that knee will quiet down and he'll feel good."

(On what he likes about how his team responds to losses)

"I think that consistent, just positive outlook where everybody takes an accountability for what they can do and be a part of the solution moving forward of trying to get back in the win column. But, we know that the week is a process and especially with a great challenge that we have with the Saints coming in, riding an eight game win streak. They're playing really well in all three phases. Excellent coach in (Saints Head Coach) Sean Payton. They've got great players all around, so it's a great challenge for our guys. I can tell just by the focus and concentration today that they've got the right mindset and mentality and hopefully we'll have a good week that will lead to a good performance on Sunday."

(On if there are a lot of similarities between Washington's offense and his offense)

"I think there are similarities just because a lot of the influence and things that I've learned in this game come from (Redskins Head) Coach (Jay) Gruden. They did some things last week that will give us a similar look as far as maybe some formations and some concepts. They did a great job. I thought it was a great, competitive game last week. But, anytime that you play similar opponents it provides a good film for the teams to be able to look at and utilize going into that week of preparation."

(On if there's an advantage for him since Washington played the Saints prior to their matchup)

"I think each week you've got a specific game plan, but when you see some similar concepts, you could look at it like that. But, I think what their defense has done is they've put offenses in tough spots. They do a great job of kind of attacking, trying to dictate the tempo for the way that they want to operate. They don't let the offense kind of dictate how they're running things. You can see – they mix it up very well, they present a variety of issues and they've got great players that can really cause some problems, so it's a great challenge for us and you see very easily why they're a top-10 scoring unit in this league."

(On if it's surprising to make it this far in the season before suffering a major injury)

"I think you feel good about what a nice job our training staff has done, trying to avoid the things that you can prevent. I think when you look at the Robert Woods injury, it's an unfortunate one. Just being involved in this game, inevitably you kind of know some of these things are going to naturally occur and that's where the next man up mentality kind of comes from. Guys have to do a good job stepping up, lock in this week because of how important Robert was to us. But, you do feel fortunate. It's unfortunate that now because of how well Robert was playing and how important he was that we won't have him, but everybody deals with it. They've got some injuries that they have to deal with as well, so this is something that will be a good challenge for us and looking forward to seeing how our guys respond."* *

(On his favorite Thanksgiving dish)

"Favorite Thanksgiving dish? My mom makes a pretty good broccoli casserole, so we'll see. They're getting in town later today. I don't know if she's making that or not, we'll find out. I'll tell you after tomorrow (laughs)."


QB Jared Goff – Media Availability – November 22, 2017 **

(On what he recalls from playing New Orleans last year)

"They're one of the, besides the division, one of the few teams that I've actually played before so, they have somewhat experience from that, but they got different players back there, especially in their secondary. They've got different guys and so it's definitely going to be a challenge for sure."

(On if there's anything specific from last year's New Orleans game that stands out to him)

"No. I remember it being a shoot out for a minute and then they kind of pulled away."

(On how he will adjust to WR Robert Woods being out)

"We've got a chance to see some guys step up. I think today at practice we had a good chance to see some guys. I think I know it will be kind of a by-committee approach, but each guy will have their opportunity in there and it will be cool. A chance to see these young guys get a chance and don't expect much of a fall off. I know Robert's really special and his production has been great this year, but we need these guys to step up this week for sure."

(On how important it is for WR Sammy Watkins to step up in Woods' absence)

"Very. I don't think he needs to do anything different than what he's been doing. He's been doing a great job, practicing hard and really been good in games. We need to find some ways to get him the ball a little bit more and something that we'll definitely be conscious of."

(On what Woods brought to the team that they're going to lose with him being out)

"I think that on the field you obviously have the numbers and all that stuff and his production's been great. But, I think off the field what his presence is at practice is something that people don't usually see as much so, it's kind of maybe the bigger part of it. Obviously we miss him on the field, but having him out there every day is huge."

(On if he sees WR Tavon Austin's role changing this week with Woods being out and what does Austin have to offer)

"He's an electric player and can bring a lot to an offense. Yeah, I think we're going to try to get him the ball like we have. That's a better question for (Head Coach) Sean (McVay), I'm going to continue to do what I do and try to distribute, but I'm sure we'll try to get him involved again for sure."

(On how proud he is for limiting turnovers)

"It's a big part of the game. We talk about every day, it's all about the ball – just try to take care of it. Sometimes there maybe times where you may think about it too much. I try on my part to take care of it and I think if we do that as an offense we're 7-0 when we've been even or better in the turnover margin. That's all of our seven wins and the three losses have come when we've lost the turnover margin, so that's obviously a huge part of the game."

(On what has been key to him limiting turnovers this year)

"I don't know. A multitude of things. Just Learning and getting better. Maybe one thing is just learning how to use the check down and learning how huge that can be when you get (RB) Todd (Gurley II) space."

(On what he things they can correct after watching the game film from last Sunday's game against the Vikings)

"I'd love to get the running game going a little bit more. I think that would be something we'd love to get Todd going and pop some more long runs. But besides that, I thought we, for the most part, executed pretty well. We had some lapses and a few plays here and there. It seemed to be one guy here, one guy there. I slip on the ball to Todd – just little stuff like that kept happening. But, no I don't think we need to do anything radically different."

(On what makes this team so good at facing adversity and then moving on)

"I think we've been through some stuff together as a team and understand that a loss is not the worst thing in the world. You can come back from that and we look to this week for sure is respond to last week's lost."

(On what his favorite Thanksgiving dish is)

"Mashed potatoes."

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