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TRANSCRIPT: McVay Press Conference 10-30


Head Coach Sean McVay – Media Availability – October 30, 2017**

(On if he's tried turning in his coaching card for the TV card)

"Yeah, (Rams Senior Director/Communications) Artis (Twyman) put me to work on the bye week. Had me doing that – a little less stressful, so this might be it for me."

(On if he enjoyed being in FOX Studios)

"Yeah, it was fun. It was a great group of guys. I had met a couple of them. Obviously, I had a lot of respect for some of the players and meeting Coach (Jimmy) Johnson, getting a chance to talk to him. That's the one thing that I would say is probably the best part about this job – is the platform it provides to get exposure to special people like a handful of those guys that I got a chance to meet yesterday – kind of pick their brain. They had some fun with some of the gameshows, we had a good time with that yesterday."* *

(On if fundamentals were the focus of today's practice)

"Yeah. That's exactly what it was. Them being away for a couple days, the last thing we wanted to do was really push it too much to where you leave yourselves susceptible to some muscle pulls and different things like that. So, get out here, get a good lather in, get introduced to the Giants and then move around and work our calls, our communications and different things like that."

(On if everyone made it back from the bye week without incident)

"Yeah, everyone was good. So, everyone was accounted for and we're in good shape today."

(On if he was able to get away during the bye week to decompress)

"Yeah, I was. Really, you look at just traveling as much as we did, just was able to stay at home and relax for a few days. Went to Game 2 of the World Series which, would've liked a different outcome, but what a great atmosphere being down there and seeing those guys compete. It was a great, competitive game. Then, going over to FOX Studios yesterday, but I was able to relax, get away. You enjoy sitting around watching some football and kind of feeling like a fan. That's what we did yesterday."

(On what the plan is for RB Lance Dunbar who practiced today)

"The plan is you've got really those three weeks to kind of decide. It can be as soon as tomorrow or as late as those three weeks. I think what's great about that timetable we have is it gives us a chance to evaluate him, see how he handles it. Just today, kind of just glancing, it looked like he was moving around pretty good. Everything that we've gotten from (Director/Sports Medicine & Performance) Reggie (Scott), as far as just where he's at physically – very encouraging. He's done a great job with his rehab and how the effects what we do on the roster is something that's going to be determined moving toward the latter half of the week and (General Manager) Les (Snead) and I will sit down and talk about that."

(On if he thinks Dunbar and WR Tavon Austin play a similar role at this point)

"You could think that. Tavon is a guy that we're going to continue to try to find ways to get the ball in his hands. He poses a great threat, does a great job doing some different things whether it be the receiver or the running back spot and he's a guy that's going to continue to get more work as we go. Made a couple plays in the pass game. You look at the screen he was able to convert on. As he gets more familiar and we kind of try to figure out ways to creatively utilize him because of how he is able to absorb the material and move around, Tavon's role is only going to increase as we move forward."

(On if he got a sense for how much buzz is surrounding this team right now)

"I think there's a lot of good stuff going on right now and that's what it is. I think we want to try to keep that momentum going and how you do that is you take things one day at a time, one game at a time. Our focus right now is getting ready for a New York Giants team that (is) well led by Coach (Ben) McAdoo. Having gone against him the last couple years just being in that division, you know what they're capable of, they're an 11-win team. In this league it doesn't matter, they've got great players and we've got to be ready to go. Traveling on a Friday, we've got to make sure that we have good focus and concentration as we prepare for them starting on Wednesday, because the players will be off again tomorrow and then we'll come back Wednesday and resume our normal schedule."

(On if there's anything he can do to get this team to not believe the hype)

"I think we've got a mature team and I think we've got the right kind of guys in that locker room to be able to handle both the good and the bad. I think the one thing that's been impressive about this team is, in seven weeks we've experienced a lot of different things. Some good, some bad – always really have enjoyed and appreciated the way we have responded from some of the bad things. I think we stay even keel throughout the course of the game no matter what occurs. Really, the focus and concentration for us is going to be focusing on one day at a time, kind of our process and our standard of performance. Hopefully that approach and preparation will lead to the performance that we want to be able to have to try to get our sixth win."* *

(On if there is a plan in place going into this week following the Bye Week)

"Yeah, I think a lot of the times, especially with the way that the CBA is structured, you're kind of mandated to handle things in an appropriate manner, but continuing to rely on Reggie and (Strength and Conditioning Coach) Ted (Rath), they've done a great job of kind of understanding how we can phase these guys back into work. Then you rely on the coaching staff. Like we've said, we've got a bunch of great resources where there's a variety of different experiences and ways to do things and what we're trying to figure out every single day is what's the best way to do it for our team? I think it's been good so far, but what we wanted to try to do was just get them back in the building, get them exposed to a little bit of the Giants today and then really make sure that when we come back on Wednesday we return to the kind of a normal standard operating procedure as far as our week goes. That's what we'll do and I think the guys handled it pretty well so far this year."

(On how WR Robert Woods has handled things on and off the field)

"He's been great. I've always been a big fan of Robert since going back to the production that he had at USC. I think he's a great separator, has the ability to make everything look the same with great body control – very reliable, competes in the run game. You can see why he's been a big part of what we've been able to do on third downs, first down, second down. He's been a big part of our offense and I think he's got a great way about himself, just the way that he's goes about his daily work, his daily business. I think he's influencing, affecting his teammates in the right way. He's been everything and more than what we had hope when we got him in free agency. I think the other thing that says as much about him anything else – we talked about this with the team, it'll probably embarrass him, but makes a mistake in the Washington just in terms of just the way we want to handle things with you guys right away, takes that accountability and then on a short week how does he respond? With one of his best performances against the 49ers. I think he's played really good football since then and you win with players like Robert Woods. We feel really good to have him on our team."

(On if having RB Lance Dunbar back provides an advantage)

"It does. I think the thing, it's a positive problem for us that we've talked about is I think, credit to Reggie and his staff, is we've stayed fairly healthy. Knock on wood, but usually you're having to deal with some injuries, especially at the running back spot, where now it provides a great opportunity for Lance to come in, kind of serve as the role we envision in the first place. We've got a lot of player makers who have stayed healthy and are available, so it's a positive problem. I think it will kind of naturally sort itself out as far as getting him back on the practice field and seeing how those things work and fit. But, one thing really about our offense, especially when you have a bye week, you get a chance to kind of self-scout yourself and spend a little bit more time looking at yourself than you would in the normal week, figuring out creative ways to continue to try to get guys involved, get guys going. Making sure that what we've shown on tape we can put some counters on it, whether it be who you're focusing on, who you're targeting in certain situations, so there's a lot different things. But to answer your question, yes it does serve as a valuable role typically when you get guys back. Fortunately for us, because of Reggie doing such a phenomenal job with these players, we are fairly healthy and we'll see how Lance fits moving forward."

(On whether he pulls ideas from other teams when he's watching NFL games as a fan)

"Absolutely. I think a lot of things that we do, if it fits within the framework of how we want to operate. I've got a whole lot of respect for coaches around this league and their creativity. To not have an idea of what's going on and what are certain teams are doing to attack coverages or what fits based on the way we're utilizing some of our personnel. Those are definitely things if you see something that kind of fits. You don't ever want to force it or do something that doesn't really fit within the framework of your offense, but on a week-to-week basis, there's definitely things that you see that you're like, 'Alright that would work with us and it would be a nice counter to some of the things that we've shown or would be a good way to feature a guy's skillset.'" 

(On whether he's going to use Snoop Dogg's play call)

"That was pretty good one, wasn't it? I think some of those misdirections, different things like that – it might fit with us." 

(On Michael Vick wearing his high school jersey at FOX Studios yesterday)

"I was caught off guard. I didn't realize they were going to do that. Mike was a guy I was huge fan of just growing up in the Atlanta area as a mobile quarterback kind of changed the way that people had to defend him, because he was so electric as a runner and then he could beat you with his arm as well. They really got things going there. It was cool, because I had never got a chance to meet Mike before and just talking to those guys and Greg Jennings. I had met Tony Gonzalez through some mutual friends already, but being able to meet those players and then talk to Jimmy Johnson, you talk to Howie Long and Terry Bradshaw – that a fun experience to be able to have to continue to meet and learn from those guys."

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