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TRANSCRIPT: Sean McVay Press Conference 8-21


Head Coach Sean McVay – Press Conference – August 21, 2017**

(On his players not getting too confident after a solid start to the preseason)
"That's exactly right. It's part of the process. We're still focusing on getting better every single day, building towards that September 10th date against the Colts. But, I think training camp and the preseason offers a great opportunity for us to go against other teams, see how we measure up, while also being mindful that we've still got to get better. There's a lot of things that we can clean up in all three phases. As long as the guys have that approach and that mindset, we'll give ourselves a chance to make those incremental improvements and that's what's going to be conducive for sustained success."

(On if he thinks there will be some animosity heading into this game after the joint practices with the Chargers)
"I think it's going to be a great, competitive game. We have a lot of respect for the Chargers. I thought being able to practice against them gives you a large amount of respect for what they represent as a football team, what they bring to the table. We're hoping that it will be a good, competitive game where we'll play within the framework of the rules and that's what we expect from our players."

(On why he was smiling during his last answer)
"I'm just thinking about what happened at that last practice, that's why I was smiling. After that – what happened early on in the practice, guys got a little excited, but I thought it was a good example of them regaining their poise on both teams and finding a way to finish out the practice where we both got a lot of good work. I'm looking forward to playing them again this week. I think it will be a great opportunity for us."

(On how practice went today)
"Practice was good. Anytime that you come off of a day off, you always want to be mindful of not being sluggish. I thought we had a good walk-thru earlier on and then we had shells on today, but we were able to get a lot of good situational work. We finished up with some two-minute stuff there at the end and I thought the energy and the focus and concentration was excellent. It's a credit to the players being ready to go. We definitely got something out of it today."

(On if any of the players that didn't play against Oakland practiced today)
"(LB) Mark (Barron) and (CB) Kayvon Webster were out there. Mark Barron, Kayvon Webster, (OLB) Robert Quinn got some individual stuff. (WR) Tavon (Austin) is still working with (Director/Sports Medicine and Performance) Reggie (Scott) and his training staff as far as that day-to-day with the hamstring. More than likely he'll be out again this week. That's kind of the assumption that I have based on just the information that I'm getting, but the signs are very positive. In terms of how the next week is handled will remain to be seen. I know that Tavon wants to get out there, but I would imagine that he will probably miss this game as well."

(On if OLB Robert Quinn is dealing with an active injury or if it is more of a maintenance thing)
"A lot of it is preventative maintenance. We've got some different guys, some of those veteran players where Robert's one of our more veteran players, on a maintenance program. He obviously had the hand thing in the offseason program, so being mindful of just getting him back and being smart about how we approach the season and him being at his best September 10th is really the key for us. It's very similar to those guys, some of those veteran players like the (T Andrew) Whitworth's, the (C) John Sullivan's and the (G Rodger) Saffold's and Robert is one of those guys that fits within the framework of our maintenance program that we have for some of our veteran players."

(On if he thinks Quinn will get some reps against the Chargers)
"That's something that we're going to determine with (defensive coordinator) Wade (Phillips) and his staff and then really talk with Reggie and them because what you have to balance is the dynamic between putting him out there or continuing on with this progressive program that we do have in place – mindful of that September 10th date as kind of where you want to cap it off. If we feel like getting him out there with his teammates is going to be worth it, then we'll end up doing that. But we're going to do what's best for Robert and then for our team, being mindful of that date with the Colts."

(On how much of the decision about Quinn's reps have been due to his prior injury history)
"I think it's just being mindful of just an experienced veteran that has missed some time and doing all the little things to take care of him. He's done a great job. He's a joy to be around. I really enjoy Robert and I know he's a guy that you always have to pull him back because he wants to be out there competing with his teammates and that's a good thing. That's what you want to be able to do, is have to protect some of our good players from themselves because they want to work so hard and do so much."

(On how he thinks WR Sammy Watkins has settled in with the team)
"Well I think he's fit in great with the team, like I mentioned I've been very impressed with his ability to absorb a lot of the information. You have an appreciation for how much we've done from the beginning of the offseason program to where we're at now in training camp. I think our team as a whole has done a good job kind of absorbing the new systems especially on offense and defense. Sammy's a good natural football player. I thought he made a couple key plays, that third down was a big time play even though it's a four or five-yard gain, but it moves the chains. He'll continue to get more and more comfortable. The first play of 7-on-7, he makes a big play down the field today. I think you'll continue to see him, like he's mentioned to you guys, get more comfortable and that'll enable him to be able to play faster where he's not really thinking and then you can just kind of let your talent show and be the best version of yourself."

(On QB Jared Goff's improvement each week of the preseason)
"I think getting that experience where he got a chance to play eight and then 37 snaps was very important as well. But, like we talk about, I think its credit to all 11 on the offensive side of the football. The offensive line did their jobs – tight ends, receivers, running backs. Then, I thought (QB) Jared (Goff) did a good job making good decisions. But, when you look at some of the protection that he was able to have, that enabled him to be able to work through his progressions, make good decisions, we were able to stay on schedule, so you can get some of your different things that tie in off those run actions. I think that's a credit to the offense as a whole, and him leading the charge being that kind of point guard distributor, if you will, was a key to some of the success we were able to have."

(On what he thinks was the key for his Redskins' offense's success with the play-action pass last season)
"Good players. We had some really good players there. I think it's that marriage, you know like you said, you want to be able to be efficient in both phases to make people honor it. We did run the football pretty efficiently. I just had to give us a little bit more opportunity in terms of calling some of those runs last year. But, I thought our quarterback and our receivers and skilled players did an excellent job and the linemen and (assistant head coach/offensive line) coach (Bill) Callahan did a great job kind of with the sell upfront. Ultimately, you're able to have some success, it's a credit to the player's ability to execute and that's a big reason why I was fortunate to be a part of an offense that had some success."

(On if he watched the eclipse)
"I did not. I saw a good couple jabs that people took at me about that with the shades coming down on me (laughs)."

(On if any of the players watched it)
"They did. A lot of the guys were talking about it today. It was something that you heard guys frequently discussing. I was just holed up in the office with no window and I didn't see it."

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